Image Gateway for Apeos


Image Gateway for Apeos (IGA)

The solution that can transform your business processes and help you to manage and control the use of documents within your organisation. 

IGA is a component based software platform for Fuji Xerox ApeosPort devices. It is made up of a number of different modules allowing for a tailored solution to meet your individual requirements. Rather than rely on disparate systems and multiple vendor products, IGA provides security and peace of mind with an integrated platform.  Fuji Xerox Image Gateway for Apeos (IGA) v2.6 can help you:

  • Streamline your document workflow for optimal cost efficiency
  • Capture and route documents around your organisation
  • Integrate with your existing ECM for enhanced print, scan, search and retrieve functions
  • Enforce document security to meet compliance requirements
  • Support environmental initiatives by optimising energy consumption and reducing paper usage


IGA Modules


The ACCRU module provides business owners, department heads or IT with the ability to track device usage (Print/Copy/Scan/Fax) to Users/Departments/Cost Centres or Clients.  Within this module, documents are only printed when the user releases them from the MFD, by using a swipe card or entering a code.  Fuji Xerox’s latest range of multifunction devices makes the benefits of ACCRU technology easier than ever.  

Mobile for Enterprise

 The Mobile for Enterprise module brings the features of IGA to your smart phone or tablet. Our approach helps to orchestrate and harness the use of mobile devices in your business, bringing them into a framework that can be secured, controlled, and governed to protect your organisation from risk, while allowing people on your team to work in their own unique style. Leverage the power of IGA directly from you mobile device. 

Scan Module 
Extend the standard MFD scanning functionality to deliver even greater capability to the ApeosPort MFD.  Features such as: 

Optical Character Recognition – scan a hard copy document and receive a PDF or MS Word document that you can search and edit
Support for batch scanning, including blank page recognition
Authenticated and scan directly to your email inbox or home directory without having to enter email addresses or locations

ECM Connectors 
Connect your Fuji Xerox multifunction devices to your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system.  Allowing you to easily access centrally saved documents from supported ApeosPort devices. Search, locate, preview and print documents that are saved in your ECM, or scan and save signed documents straight back into the system, without ever needing to boot up their laptop. 

Rules and Routing
Apply business rules and routing to the behaviour of your print device can have great benefits. These could be as simple as defaulting your device to print double-sided, to as complex as programs which analyse the type of document, its size and even time of day to automatically route it to the most sustainable printing device.  It can also be integrated with an in-house print room to ensure that large documents are not being produced on smaller office devices which are not optimised for high-volume production.

Realise energy savings by learning from devices and optimising their settings.  Implementing SIMEGY across a fleet of supported Fuji Xerox devices can help to realise energy savings. SIMEGY has the ability to learn how devices are being used, and automatically power up or down to minimise energy consumption without impacting the productivity of staff that want to use them.



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Image Gateway for Apeos

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