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Mobile Print for Business



Mobile Print for Business lets you print:

  • Photos from albums on your mobile phone
  • From your mobile device's camera - take a photo directly and print it
  • Documents stored locally on your device
  • Documents stored in your Enterprise Content Management system

Choose a wide range of print options to suit your needs, including:

  • How many copies to print
  • Printing in colour or mono
  • Single or two sided

You can print documents in three different ways:

  • Via a standard print queue
  • Via QR code on your supported Fuji Xerox MFD or printer*
  • Via NFC on your supported Fuji Xerox MFD or printer **

* QR code not provide

**NFC label not included


Mobile Print for Business means you can scan documents straight to your mobile device storage, meaning you won't have to go to a computer to access the file. You have everything you need, every time, everywhere.

You can scan documents in two ways:

  • Via QR code on a sticker on your supported Fuji Xerox MFD or printer
  • Via NFC with a sticker on your supported Fuji Xerox MFD or printer


You can be sure you have everything you need for business by uploading documents to your corporate Enterprise Content Management system from your mobile device. Supported Content Management systems include: DocuShare, SharePoint, TRIM and Worksite.

  • Upload photos from your mobile device photo albums
  • Take a picture on your mobile device and upload it
  • Documents stored locally on your device can also be uploaded and shared when you wish


Mobility at work begins with the Fuji Xerox Mobile Print for Business application, the freedom to truly work on the move.

Mobile devices now provide an unprecedented ability to contact colleagues, share information, update new developments and build relationships. Mobile phones and tablets have become an essential work tool for businesses.

Because of new mobile technology, many businesses are experiencing a new way of working. Workers will use mobile technology as their primary means of collaboration, and will create, edit and share all kinds of documents on the go - saving time, saving resources and working more productively than ever before.

Fuji Xerox's new Mobile Print for Business is an application for iOS, Android and Windows mobile phones and tablets, enabling you to print, scan, upload and share documents from your mobile devices, without returning to the office. Simple.

It's easy to tap and go with Mobile Print for Business

Mobile Print for Business means workers can print, scan and upload documents via QR codes and Near Field Communication (NFC) instantly from their mobile devices, without slowing down.

You only need to select your document and wave your supported NFC-enabled mobile device across a supported Fuji Xerox multifunction device. Your document is immediately printed or scanned. Just tap and print, then go!

Don't let old thinking slow you down. Take your office with you, wherever you go, on your mobile device.

Keep moving. Stay on top with Fuji Xerox Mobile Print for Business.



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