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Take Control is a simple, easy and effective software solution to improve your document production. 

Fuji Xerox's Take Control software solutions is tailored to suit your business, and give you a better chance to do more with less in your office. Many business don't have a comprehensive management program in place for their document production processes, with the result that their printing and copying costs are often much higher than they should be. Take Control software solution provides small and medium size businesses with the tools to ramp up their productivity and efficiency without having to make a large investment. 

Take Control software solution provides a document workflow that not only dramatically improves document production processes but also provides analysis and reporting tools so businesses have a complete understanding of their use and running costs. With accurate records, businesses can determine how to use their resources more efficiently, cut their costs, and determine how best to invest in state of the art technology in the future. 

By taking advantage of Fuji Xerox's Take Control software solutions, business leaders can boost their business's productivity, ensure the documents are secure and at the same time cut operating costs. 

Simple. Easy. Effective. 

Take Control from Fuji Xerox.


Print Convenience

Fuji Xerox's Take Control solution connects several print devices simply without needing to install server software. Using the Server-less On-Demand Print solution, you can send a print job from your PC to a multifunction device (MFD), or if you prefer, you can release it to print on another multifunction device on your print network (after authentication). You have the flexibility to connect up to five multifunction devices so you can drive higher office productivity and at the same time reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO). 

Analytics and Reporting

Fuji Xerox's Take Control solution tallies device usage via a web browser. You can view and print your accounting results in colour coded reports in both table and chart form. You can also filter your accounting results by device or user IDs to manage expenses based on individual users or departments. 

Security and Control

Fuji Xerox Smart Card Reader controls the security of all your print activities with a simple, one-touch authentication system. Authorised users just touch an access card on the smart card reader to access all their stored and printed documents. 

Support and Advice

Fuji Xerox's Take Control solution can be installed in just one day. You'll also have access to Fuji Xerox's unparalleled knowledge base, training and remote support.



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