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The future of productivity is connectivity

ApeosPort-VII Offer

Introducing the ApeosPort-VII with Advanced Document Sharing

We’re proud to announce the release of the ApeosPort-VII, an MFD reimagined to prepare your business for a digital future.

The entire user experience has been redefined, from its clever interactive touch screen and intelligent automated processes, to its seamless

integration with cloud services and security features, allowing powerful control over the creation and distribution of physical and digital documents.


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We’ve revolutionised the user experience

With a completely maneuverable 10.1” user interface, Wi-Fi connectivity with any smartphone, tablet or computer, and simplified one touch apps, you will spend less time setting-up and more time working.

  • Adjustable UI panel can be operated with a tap and swipe just like a smartphone
  • File destinations are easily specified when faxing, emailing or scanning
  • Smart WelcomEyes detects an approaching user, waking the device from sleep mode
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It’s cloud-enabled to increase productivity

Combined with Advanced Document Sharing (ADS), a cloud-based content management platform, the ApeosPort-VII allows you to be more responsive. You can improve productivity, work from anywhere, grow your business, and seamlessly control the creation and distribution of physical and digital documents.

  • Cloud On-Demand Print allows you to easily print when you’re off-site
  • You can quickly and easily link with cloud services
  • The usage of multiple MFDs can be recorded and collated

Optimise your workflow

Our sophisticated workflow tools empower you to create highly tailored automation solutions. With intuitive online forms, real-time data capture, and automatically triggered approvals, the future of productivity is at your fingertips.

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) automatically digitises document text
  • Print Utility allows you to print directly from a smartphone
  • One-touch user authentication releases print activities, preventing unnecessary wastage.
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A flexible way to work

Cloud On-Demand Print helps you build a bridge between your physical and digital content, providing secure access to your information and powerful tools to control and share it. You can collaborate more effectively and achieve the best results for your business or organisation.

  • A seamless integration into a multitude of cloud services
  • Reduce administration to save time and resources
  • A complete end-to-end printing experience

Take control of your business

Device Log Service allows you to record and view device usage through your web browser. A range of data can be tallied and organised into colour-coded tables, charts, and other diagrammatic visuals. The collected information can be filtered by devices or user IDs, so you are able to manage expenses on an individual or departmental basis.

Giving you complete control over how your business operates.

  • Take control of devices and users through a centralised management system
  • Simplified user management
  • Use real-time data and advanced analytics to improve business decision making
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