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In today’s busy office environment, staff are more productive than ever. 
This can cause workers to overlook important IT security protocols, with 61% of companies experiencing at least one data breach through printing. To protect you from you, we equip our multifunction devices with several secure print features and software solutions to keep your most sensitive information safe.

Stay more secure than ever with our Security Solutions.

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Did you know?

61% 28% 90% 87%
61% of companies experienced at least one data breach through printing 1* 28% of data breaches were caused by human error 2* 90% of IT professionals feel vulnerable to insider threats 3* 87% of employees have printed, copied or scanned confidential information at work 4*

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Can anyone (even a visitor) walk up to your multifunction device and copy and/or scan? Do your devices contain any  network sensitive information?
Cloud transfer Stay secure in the cloud
Fuji Xerox Cloud Service Hub enables businesses to securely consolidate existing cloud systems and allows you to print fully encrypted, secure documents from anywhere.
phaser Track file movements
Advanced security features on Fuji Xerox MFDs enable you to record the activity of your documents and track file movements as they are shared and stored.
document duplex Print from anywhere
Fuji Xerox Cloud On-Demand Print allows you to store documents from your PC or mobile device to the cloud and print on demand from a multifunction device at  your destination.
document encryption Set up security policy
You are in control of how files are accessed and used throughout their lifecycle by setting up a security policy for your documents. Now, human errors are minimised.
secure Enforce security through
follow-me printing

You control when and where documents
are printed and ensure secure release of all transactions. Printed jobs will not be left in the output trays unattended anymore.
alarm clock Create Time Bomb Files
Set a window of time for files to be used and automatically revoke access when  time is up, enhancing security of confidential information.

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With Fuji Xerox Security Solutions, together we can reduce threat against your office print ecosystem. Our complete protection includes passwords, encryption and compliance with the highest industry standards will help keep your business more secure.
1. 2017 Print Security Report, Quocirca Ltd. 2. 2017 Global Cost of a Data Breach Report, Ponemon Institute.  3. 2018 Insider Threat Report 4. 2018 Staff Print Security Survey, Fuji Xerox Australia

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