Seamless Integration with Cloud Services

Simplified management

Standardise your digital workflow for optimisation


Achieve stronger controls

Use Smart Work Gateway’s software tools – Management Console and Fuji Xerox Direct - to manage your Multifunction Device (MFD) and maximise the return-on-investment (ROI) on your hardware IT assets.


Improve operating efficiency with self-service

You can also proactively support your own fleet of devices – performing device discovery, installations, monitoring, log management and many other tasks – saving time and hassle while ensuring maximum up-time.


Fuji Xerox journey

Your entire journey with Fuji Xerox devices is supported by an easy management, renewal and upgrade process. With real time updates from Fuji Xerox devices, you can achieve the targets you set for your Total Quality Management processes.

Meet Your Smart Work Gateway

Change the way your business operates by moving your business to the digital age enabled with Smart Work Gateway’s suite of solutions for enhance productivity and better security.

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