Seamless Integration with Cloud Services

Uncompromising Mobile Security

Ensure your BYOD initiatives aren’t compromised


Robust, reliable data security

Use your mobile and smart devices to exchange data with cloud applications via the Cloud Service Hub with complete security, safe in the knowledge that your activities are protected at all times, wherever you are.


Guest Printing enabled

Print from your mobile devices even when you are a guest in another office location. Do away with cumbersome process without compromising security policies on corporate networks.


Digital Rights Management (DRM)

As well as encrypted data transmission, advanced security software, strong privacy and compliance, the Smart Work Gateway provides powerful DRM capabilities, enabling you to control the use of, modification and distribution of copyright materials.

Meet Your Smart Work Gateway

Change the way your business operates by moving your business to the digital age enabled with Smart Work Gateway’s suite of solutions for enhance productivity and better security.

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