Boosting the Airline Industry through Cloud Mobility
Digitisation is a priority for the commercial airline industry. With increasing oil prices and decline in traffic growth, carriers need to ensure their long-term profitability by growing their top line revenues while reducing their operating costs. Digitisation offers the means for airlines to manage administrative and operational costs while also improving their services.

Productivity for the Long Haul

By using the appropriate technologies, carriers can optimise their ground crew’s processes and productivity while providing better and timelier information to their air crew. Best example is improvements in disseminating flight schedule information to their pilots and flight attendants.

  • Air crew spend valuable time lining up for print jobs as the desktop terminals are shared with the administrative staff.
  • Long print queues often lead to printouts being uncollected—translating to wastage and possible privacy and information breaches
  • The one-to-one terminal-to-printer set-up often translates to an ineffective deployment of resources.
  • Comprehensive cost control is impossible with no centralised method for managing and monitoring print device usage.

 A Smooth Journey with Fuji Xerox’s Cloud Solution Suite
With Fuji Xerox’s Cloud Solution Suite, airline crew can access their flight schedule from any device—a tablet, a laptop or a smartphone—and print it using any of their carrier’s shared multi-functional devices.


The solution offers the following benefits:

Cost Savings/Management
A single universal print driver is all that’s needed for various devices and a single portal is all that’s required to manage and monitor all print devices.

Air crew can access their flight schedules from any terminal and print them from any multifunctional device—avoiding job jams and print queues and reducing the likelihood of uncollected printouts.

Authorised user access management means air crew can print their flight schedules anytime and anywhere without compromising information privacy.

Fuji Xerox’s Cloud-Based Follow You Print solution allows airlines to use their resources more efficiently, whether in terms of eliminating printing queue times, reducing paper usage, or managing multiple devices from a single hub. It’s the perfect solution for helping carriers soar effortlessly through the airline industry’s often turbulent skies!

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