An A+ Solution for Private Education Centres

The industry for private education centres, which includes kindergarten, private tutors and tuition centre, has taken off globally as parents desire to augment their children’s education through additional channels. With this exponential growth, administrators continually seek to incorporate better, faster, and more efficient processes into their operations.

Learning to Streamline Operations
Operational inefficiencies are especially marked in the private education sector since most operate multiple branches in various locations—each of which is managed independently. This independent manner of operation has consequences:

  • Lack of intranet facilities to connect centres in different locations requires IT personnel to travel, driving up IT support and maintenance cost.
  • Comprehensive cost control is impossible with each centre managing its own print-related expenditures.
  •  Each centre spends much of their valuable time preparing and printing their own materials, rather than teaching!

Fuji Xerox’s Smart Workspace with Cloud Solution Suite
With Fuji Xerox’s Cloud Solution Suite, private education centres can centralise both IT support and print-related cost control. The solution also automates course content storage while facilitating course material printing anytime and anywhere.


The solution offers the following benefits:

Cost Savings/Management
A single web portal is all that’s needed to manage and configure the IT devices of all centres as well as manage and monitor the print-related expenses of all centres.

Course content gets archived automatically so that teachers get freed up to focus on their teaching.

Teachers get to access and print course materials anytime and anywhere—and can even delegate the job to administrative staff—again allowing them to focus on their teaching.

Private education centres can drastically reduce the costly operational inefficiencies that usually come with managing multiple branches. With Fuji Xerox solutions, the centre would not need to invest hugely on IT infrastructure, but still achieve a comprehensive printing service for all their branches, and provide each centre with an easy access to their course materials so that they can print anytime and anywhere

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