Streamlining Document Management in the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry has continuously played a vital role in the growth of the world economy, spurring globalisation and the rise of international brands. To maintain this momentum, operational efficiency—especially in invoice processing—is key to meeting client needs, improve vendor relationships, and gain a competitive advantage.

  • Volumes of paper-work are circulated among clients, branches, and headquarters every day.
  • Manufacturers regularly switch from fax to mail, scans, and emails to manage files.
  • Misplaced invoices during processing may lead to delays and incorrect billing and vendor payments.

Creating Digital Solutions for Document Management
The main hurdle for many manufacturers is how to adopt Digital Solutions for Document Management

  • Invoices are still hand-delivered to and from HQ, increasing the risk of mishandling.
  • Client billing cannot be processed until all documents are submitted to and assessed by HQ, slowing down turnaround time.


  • Archiving remains dependent on having physical copies of every file, incurring storage costs.
  • Lack of a set document workflow system runs the chance of lost and leaked data.
  • Uncollected prints at MFDs hamper the secure release of information.

Fuji Xerox Cloud Solution Suite Redefines Document Management
Introducing Fuji Xerox’s Cloud Solution Suite to the manufacturing industry will enable companies to oversee their documents more efficiently, answering the key issues of time and resource management, rising costs, and data security.


The solution offers the following benefits:

Enhanced Efficiency & Control
With a cloud system environment, files are easily uploaded, resulting in the timely and accurate processing of invoices. Staff members can access and file documents in real-time whether in a branch or in HQ.

Maximised Company Resources
Digital solutions minimise the need for manual and time-consuming tasks,decreasing operational costs for printing, archive storage, and document handling.

Ensure Compliance & Data Security
Branches and HQ have an accurate picture of the entire invoice processing cycle, with on-screen notifications promoting the prompt receipt and handling of paperwork. With Cloud OnDemand Print, staff members can print documents at their stations without the risk of leaking data.

With Fuji Xerox’s Cloud Solution Suite, document management is made easier and more efficient. Manufacturing companies,in particular, benefit from having a dedicated and standardised system for processing the volume of invoices and other documents that come in daily. This results in quicker turnaround, which translates into more accurate output, happier clients, and increased sales for the company.

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