Redefining the Business of Travel in the Digital World

The travel industry has continuously contributed to economic progress. Its rapid growth has spurred the rise of popular travel fairs and tourism agencies. The question now is how to sustain this momentum amid evolving consumer mindsets and technological demands for a more personalised service in today’s highly digital world.

  • Consumers have a strong demand for face-to-face interaction and personalised services.
  • Travel agencies seek to lessen paper costs and handling, but printed materials remain their primary tools of customer engagement.
  • Companies must manage and integrate multiple branches across different local and overseas locations.
  • Online competition from sites such as Expedia and Priceline offer more engaging and up-to-date information.

The Evolving Consumer Mindsets and Technological Demands
A key obstacle facing the travel industry lies in Digitising the Customer Experience, especially since most travel agencies still rely on paper-intensive processes.

  • High printing cost on travel brochures, itineraries, sign up forms, etc
  • Tracking usage reports and IT management entails time and effort
  • Preparations for Trade Shows involve heavy logistics and planning

Digital Transformation with Fuji Xerox Cloud Solution Suite
With Fuji Xerox’s Cloud Solution Suite, travel agencies can now digitise their content and print on demand, providing speedy and up-to-date information for their customers wherever and whenever with the Mobile Office feature. 


The solution offers the following benefits:

Adopting a new digital approach provides customers with a unique experience, including capacity for a 360° visual tour with pictures, videos, and even 3D virtual reality.

Through the Smart Digital Office, travel agencies can now enable Mobile Offices where they can create e-forms, print on demand, and instantly search for data easily with minimal IT knowledge and support.

Because of Fuji Xerox’s comprehensive Cloud Solution Suite, companies can enjoy cost-efficient work solutions, offering huge benefits.

Through Fuji Xerox’s Cloud Solution Suite, travel agencies can provide more meaningful services to their customers, while maintaining cost efficiency. In particular, companies can now provide digital brochures, forms, and even virtual tours, which lessen paperwork and printing, and help strengthen engagement. Fuji Xerox’s technology also empowers organisations to easily set up booths at trade shows and other events, directly reaching a wider audience and increasing sales opportunities.

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