Automated Workflow

Automated Workflow

Enable a smarter digital workflow

A Smart Digital Assistant
Beyond just automating tasks, Smart Work Gateway is called Smart for a reason. Your multi-function device (MFD) will facilitate the distributed document capture, and with Optical Character Recognition (OCR), document text is digitised. Mobile access and processing are possible from both iOS and Android devices–Customise this feature according to your operational workflow and free up valuable time.

A Productivity Boost
With streamlined operations and a digitised workflow, organisations of all sizes save significant costs and man hours. Work processes are easily repeatable, creating simpler, secure automation. With human error reduced, quality of work shoots up. And with productivity increased, staff are free to focus on more critical tasks that drive business.

Smooth Operations
Go fully digital with your business documents. You can capture, store, share, and transform paper-based and electronic files from the web, desktop applications, tablets, smartphones, and multifunction printers (MFPs). With documents easily available and accessible on the cloud, the decision-making process is accelerated, resulting in smooth day-to-day operations.

Better Collaboration
The digital process allows documents to be available to you and your team anytime, anywhere. When data can be accessed and shared this conveniently, collaboration—whether remotely or in the same workspace—gets easier and better.

Meet Your Smart Work Gateway

Change the way your business operates by moving your business to the digital age enabled with Smart Work Gateway’s suite of solutions for enhance productivity and better security.

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