Cloud and Mobile

Cloud and Mobile

An integrated workflow
With the modern mobile workdesk, you likely have a whole array of cloud services to log on to every time you reboot your system. With Smart Work Gateway, connect all your cloud services and access them with a single sign-on. Manage and preview documents, search for content, and do file conversion all from one digital home.

Ultimate mobility
With multiple devices, incompatibility becomes an issue. But with Smart Work Gateway, devices actually get along better. You can work on the go or at your desk, and orchestrate a symphony of productivity from wherever you are. You’ll have mobile access and processing with your iOS or Android device. Exchange data with cloud applications using the Cloud Service.

Printing on demand
With Smart Work Gateway, mobile printing reaches new levels. The Cloud on Demand Print lets users print from any mobile device, on any office network and cell network, conveniently and without compromising security. All you need are your ID and password, and your documents on the cloud. This allows you to produce printed documents as needed, wherever you are.

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