Upgrade to a smart digital workplace

Receive 12 months’ subscription of Fuji Xerox Cloud services when you purchase or lease from us and up to $1,500 credit on eligible models*.

Is your business working smarter?

Most businesses are undergoing digital transformation to work smarter, and optimise time and resources. The digital workplace is no longer the future, but the norm. Find out how Smart Work Gateway can help you with your digital transformation.

Cloud Integration

Upload your documents to the cloud and print securely from any on-site multifunction printer when you arrive at your destination. Enjoy the benefits of more time and convenience and say goodbye to using USBs for data transfer or storage.

Connect your existing cloud services such as Google Drive or Dropbox with one single umbrella. The single sign-on and search functionality conveniently allows you to access and search folders across all cloud services, instead of logging on one at a time.


  • Fuji Xerox mobility solutions offers a choice of integrating your Multifunction devices, smart phones and cloud services for a seamless work environment.
  • Access information on the cloud anytime, anywhere, and make critical updates and edit documents on the go. Eliminate endless file transfers as your team can share and collaborate in real time.
  • Plus, combining features like NFC (Near Field Communication) with Wi-Fi direct, users can further enhance their experience on selected Fuji Xerox devices.

Hassle-free Document Flow

Automate manual and repetitive processes with a customised document workflow.

  • Perform correction of skew, delete blank pages, and adjust page rotation concurrently.
  • Files are automatically created with names, sorted, and saved to the specified folder for sharing. 

With this digitised data management, administrative tasks are completed in half the time!


Secured Information Management

Our security measures minimize insider threats and information leakage, all digital activities performed using the MFD are logged, allowing the source of any threat to be traced and identified.

Optimised Cost Management and Control

  • Usage records on Multifunction printer are accessed real-time, minimising resources needed for user management.
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership and operational costs.
  • Assign authorities to users depending on operational usage.

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Capital Environmental Services

Fuji Xerox helps a consulting services firm reduce 30 hours of administrative work by connecting their multi-function printers to cloud services.

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Receive 12 months’ subscription of Fuji Xerox Cloud services when you purchase or lease from us and up to $1,500 credit on eligible models*.
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