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United Way Australia

Over the past 25 years Fuji Xerox Australia has been working in partnership with United Way. In recent years, the partnership focused on Read Learn Succeed, a cradle to career strategy - helping children start school ready and young people in making the successful transition from school to work.

In 14/15 we were a founding partner in the Macquarie Business Park Community Impact project. This was led by a number of senior executives in the Macquarie Business Park that wanted to work collaboratively to support local children and young people in the surrounding neighbourhoods to Read Learn and Succeed.

The partnership is raising funds and employees have helped run local literacy events and activities as part of United Way Australia’s Ready to Read program. More than 200 local children aged between 0-5 years old currently receive a quality book free each month, while their parents receive literacy support and resources.

Initial evaluations show that children and parents are engaging in more reading activities, and teachers have reported increased levels of school preparedness as a result.

To support local high school students from Marsden High School at risk of leaving school early, employees from the Macquarie Business Park provide real-life work experience opportunities and mentoring, helping reinforce the value of study for future career prospects, and of positive work experiences.

More than 230 students have already gained practical skills and connections with the local business community, greatly increasing their future work opportunities. Importantly, many students have also reported increased confidence and career ambitions as a result of the program.

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Australian Business and Community Network

Our partnership with the Australian Business and Community Network (ABCN) provides our employees with opportunities to take on mentoring and coaching roles with students in areas of high need. A number of our senior leaders across the country also connect with school principals through ABCN’s Partners in Learning program to share experiences, solve problems and explore leadership challenges together.

In 2014 we established a Fuji Xerox Australia perpetual scholarship through the ABCN Scholarship Foundation, providing financial and mentoring support to high potential students facing economic, family and/or social challenges which impact on their study or capacity to pursue their desired tertiary pathways.

Every three years Fuji Xerox Australia will support a new student, with the successful candidate receiving funds over Years 11, 12 and their first year of tertiary studies to spend on study resources and to help alleviate financial hardship. We also select a Fuji Xerox Australia employee to take on a mentoring role with our scholarship student, helping them in setting goals and developing valuable workplace skills.

Our first student commenced her scholarship in the 2015 school year. We received a number of expressions of interest to mentor our scholarship winner, with Tatjana Ferguson, Solutions Marketing Manager, Sales and Marketing Group being selected to take on the mentoring role.


Our very own Tatjana Ferguson with our ABCN scholarship student, Chanleng Reaksmey Suy