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We have provided a diverse range of volunteering opportunities which is valuable to help those that have never volunteered before to build their confidence, through to opportunities for more intensive mentoring and skilled volunteering for those that would like more connection with community partnerships and program beneficiaries, and to exercise their mentoring, coaching and leadership skills.

Our mentoring programs are promoted in our guide to training programs for employees at Fuji Xerox Australia. Mentoring enables not only the mentee, but also the mentor to learn and develop through a real life experience. Guidance is provided in preparation and during the mentoring experience by our community partners. Effective mentors have highly developed interpersonal skills, are able to build rapport and make others feel comfortable and have a sound understanding of how individuals learn. All qualities of effective leaders.

Our community champions across the business are invaluable in helping to coordinate activities with local relevance and in engaging our people in getting involved.

Volunteering participation has declined year-over-year and remains a challenge to ensure we make it easy to participate and have the variety and number of opportunities to enable greater participation. We also need a concerted effort by managers to ensure every employee is aware they have the opportunity to volunteer and to make sure they have the time. Through our employee survey the greatest reason for employees not participating in volunteering activities was that they felt too busy with work to take the time.

WorkCover NSW Mentoring Program

Fuji Xerox Australia’s National Safety Manager and Safety Advisor have participated in the WorkCover NSW Mentoring program for a number of years, an initiative to support small business by appointing representatives from a large organisation to guide them in managing their health and safety responsibilities.

"We play a part in understanding our mentees business and the daily health and safety challenges they face. We offer support and suggest solutions to improve their safety, injury management and workers compensation issues. It is a valuable program, and we have been delighted to participate for the last three years and to continue this support in the next round of programs." 

– Karen Brown, National Manager, Health and Safety, Fuji Xerox Australia

The support received from the likes of Fuji Xerox Australia is seen by WorkCover NSW as essential to improving work health and safety across the state.

New social marketplace launched


In 2015, we launched Benojo to support our community activity, to ease the administrative burden of coordinating our community engagement activities and to make it easier for employees to find out how they can get involved. We were a founding corporate member and have played an integral role in the ongoing development of the platform, providing feedback and ideas based on our user experience.

Benojo is a social marketplace that allows individuals, businesses and their employees, government and education sectors to promote and share offers of support to the charities and social causes they care most about. Similarly, charities can promote and share the support they are looking for. With growing demand for skilled volunteering, community organisations can actively reach out to volunteers who can provide the right skills at the right time in the right place.

Two years into this relationship the Benojo platform has built an extensive network across all sectors and will enable greater flexibility and number of opportunities for our people to get involved with the social issues Fuji Xerox Australia supports, but also provide an avenue for them to easily identify opportunities to contribute their skills and experience to causes they are personally close to as well.

Employee volunteering hours


Our own Duane Mackey, who has been our Working Group lead, engaged to support the development and implementation of the Macquarie Business Park Community Impact project