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Customer Sustainability

Customer sustainability

[G4-DMA] Aspect: Products and services, [G4-EN27], [G4-EC-8]

Fuji Xerox products, solutions and services are designed and developed to improve sustainability performance over their entire lifecycle without compromising user experience.

Fuji Xerox Co Ltd has been well recognised for achievements in product design for the environment and end-of-life product stewardship. However, sustainability drivers and rapid developments in digital technology have shifted the focus of our innovations in sustainability.

As customers have increasingly aggressive environmental targets focused on energy and print efficiency, our sustainability innovations have been focused on the in-use phase. With the digitisation of document technology, we are now developing software solutions that enable workflow optimisation, consolidating paper and digital information and seamlessly integrating it with cloud services and mobile solutions. This brings with it operational efficiency and agility, environmental benefits and significant cost savings.

Helping customers optimise their document processes

customer sustainability

Our focus on design for the environment is multi-faceted and led by Fuji Xerox Co Ltd, who proactively works with key stakeholders across all business processes to create value at every stage of the value chain:

•Materials procurement sees rigorous auditing and collaboration for continuous improvement with key suppliers.

•Manufacturing operations are run in accordance with industry leading social and environmental standards.

•Devices feature environmentally responsible product design with energy efficient hardware and consumables,
 light weighting of devices, and modular design for end-of-life disassembly for reuse, remanufacture and recycling.

•Document software and digital technologies are helping reduce paper waste, improving user convenience and
 optimising business efficiencies and agility.

•Office paper supplies are responsibly procured from FSC, PEFC and recycled sources,
 with some products also carrying carbon neutral certification.

•Services are enabling clients to improve the efficiency of document intensive business processes
 and optimise their equipment infrastructure to save costs and cut carbon emissions.


Some of the features of our award winning ApeosPort multifunction devices include

•Innovative Smart Energy Management technology

 reduce energy use by only activating the functions required by the user.
 This can enable up to a 30 percent energy reduction when scanning or faxing.

•SMART WelcomEyes™technology

 detects when a user is approaching and automatically recovers from sleep mode,
 with the aim to provide customers with a zero waiting time experience.

•LED scanning
 uses one third the energy of traditional xenon lamps, while maintaining consistent scan image quality.

•Induction heating fusing technology
 eliminating the need for pre-heating the fusing unit, facilitating a warm-up time of three seconds and reducing energy use in standby mode.

•New Emulsion Aggregation (EA) low-melt toner

 melts at 20 degrees lower than conventional toners, cutting energy use by another 15 percent.

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Innovation in energy efficiency for production devices

While Fuji Xerox Co Ltd has received numerous awards for energy efficiency and environmentally responsible design and product stewardship for our office devices, we are proud that this commitment to continuous improvement is also delivering accolades in production devices.

In 2014, Fuji Xerox's colour on demand publishing system – VersantTM2100 Press was awarded the prestigious Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize in the Eco Products category of the 11th Eco Products Awards in Japan. Launched in May 2014 for the entry-level production market, the VersantTM2100 is the first product in its class that complies with the latest Energy Star program requirements. Offering print speeds of 100 pages per minute in a compact body, the VersantTM2100 achieved a size weight reduction of about 50 percent compared with the previous model, yielding an annual emissions reduction of 3,738 kg-CO2 per unit.

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Victorian schools visit Fuji Xerox Australia to learn about sustainability


In September 2015, Fuji Xerox Australia hosted a group of school students for a day of learning and fun on the subject of sustainability. The five year 10-12 students and six teachers, all from Victorian schools, spent a day in Sydney with the Fuji Xerox Australia team to learn how we put sustainability into action in our workplace. They then used this learning to come up with strategies for how they can improve sustainability practices in their school or community.

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