Our environment

Our environment

Our environment

Fuji Xerox Australia is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our business operations - with a focus on managing our carbon, waste and water use, and maintaining an industry leading approach to product stewardship. This is supported by Fuji Xerox Co Ltd’s commitment to environmental protection Fuji Xerox Co Ltd’s commitment to environmental protection and four key environmental goals - to curb global warming, conserve, recycle and reuse resources, to reduce chemical risk, and preserve ecosystems and biodiversity.

[G4-DMA Aspects: Emissions, Effluents and Waste, Water]

Environmental management

We receive overarching direction from the Corporate Social Responsibility office of Fuji Xerox Co Ltd, with responsibility at the operating company level on how we address material topics, based on local relevance, budget and resources. Our performance is reviewed biannually and regional engagement activities, including an annual CSR/EMS Regional Conference with our parent company and other affiliate companies from across the Asia Pacific region, are led by our Management Quality Office, Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Ltd.


Fuji Xerox Australia manages its environmental sustainability performance through our compliance office. Our environmental policy, in which the precautionary principle is inherent, is available on our company website: http://bit.ly/EnvPolicy2016

There is an environmental management system in place with 12 of our sites currently certified to ISO 14001:2004 requirements. This is led by our compliance manager, quality and environment who works with key stakeholders inside and outside the business to deliver on our objectives. Our environmental aspects and impacts register is reviewed annually and when new projects, activities or services are introduced, or current activities change.

The aspects and impacts risk assessment considers the potential impacts across our value chain: including our extensive supply chain, development of solutions and services, customer use and end-of-life management of our products. The internal workings of our value chain take into consideration how we embed sustainability within our organisation, including taking into account essential financial aspects in our decision making process, alongside the people and environmental impacts of our operations.

Fuji Xerox Australia value chain


Environmental compliance


The main environmental management compliance requirements for our business are:

•ISO 14001 certification for key sites

•Product Stewardship e-waste legislative obligations

•FSC ®  C009629 and PEFC ™ /21-31-83 chain of custody certifications

•National Carbon Offset Standard for select paper products

•Australian Packaging Covenant action plan

•Reporting on importation of Synthetic Greenhouse Gas in production printing equipment

Fuji Xerox Australia maintained compliance with all of the above for the 14/15 and 15/16 periods and was recognised with a high performer’s award by the Australian Packaging Covenant in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

As part of our employee induction we have an Environmental Management e-learning module that all employees are asked to complete. This is to engage them in our commitment and to highlight the role we want them to all play in assisting us in achieving our objectives. We still have work to do to more proactively engage our people on a regular basis in how we are performing against objectives and in idea generation and behavioural change to accelerate our performance. This is a focus for the coming year.

In 2016 in the lead up to publishing this report our compliance manager, quality and environment has focused on improving the quality of environmental data to ensure we accurately monitor and measure key focus areas of carbon emissions and waste as well as establish reduction targets.

Work has included:

•Automating monthly electricity data uploads to ENVIZI, our national environmental data management and reporting platform

•Updating Fuji Xerox Australia sites and accounts in ENVIZI

•Reviewing and broadening the scope of automated data inputs to more accurately reflect our performance.

Outlook for environmental management
Reinvigorate environmental targets, focus on resource efficiency and reengage broader employee base in environmental commitment and programs.
14/15 objectives How did we do?
Revise environmental compliance plan to align with group restructure. Met -A compliance plan has been established which incorporates the requirements of ISO 14001 and Fuji Xerox Australia's business activities.
Address ISO 14001 processes around management review and corrective and preventative case management. Met -A single approach for management review and case / incident management has been established which lays the foundation for further system integration.
15/16 objectives How did we do?
Implement a comprehensive compliance management system to better manage compliance risks. In progress –Completion delayed as we were without a National Environment Manager from October 2015 – February 2016. This was a focus for our new Compliance Manager, Quality and Environment when they started in February 2016.
Ensure all ISO 14001 procedures are progressively updated to the 2015 standard when released. In progress -This is underway with the appointment of our new compliance manager, quality and environment.
16/17 objectives
Onboarding of new compliance manager, quality and environment.
Maintain ISO 14001:2004 certification for key sites.
Ensure environmental management procedures are updated to meet the new ISO 14001:2015 standard for certification in 2018 to the new standard.