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Carbon Management

Carbon Management

Fuji Xerox Australia follows the global standard for measuring and reporting on greenhouse gas emissions published in the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Protocol. ENVIZI update the National Greenhouse Gas Factors in our data management and reporting platform on release of updated factors by the Department of Environment and Energy.

In 13/14 we set ourselves a specific Scope 1 and 2 target for the first time of a 10 percent reduction for 14/15 and achieved a 12 percent reduction. For 15/16 we once again set a 10 percent reduction target yet achieved a four percent reduction. Improvements over this two year period were primarily driven by real estate consolidations, energy efficiency improvements in site refurbishments and maintenance, and reductions and changes in fuel use due to fleet refresh which saw a transition to more energy efficient vehicles and from diesel to E-10.

As a result of our environmental data review and analysis in 2016 we have set ourselves a long term target of a 30 percent reduction in Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions by 2020 based on 2005 levels, and a 16/17 target of a 5 percent reduction over the prior year to ensure we are on track

Scopes and Performances and 2020 Target

carbon management scope 1

The largest contributors to electricity use are our logistics hub, business processing services sites and showrooms. They have a higher demand for electricity use due to their operational purpose compared with our corporate offices. Our Eco Manufacturing Centre continues to demonstrate outstanding environmental performance. See Product Stewardship section for more on our Eco Manufacturing Centre initiatives and performance.

carbon management scope 2
We measure a limited number of activities in the scope three emission category. The most significant of these being our logistics operations. See our supply chain logistics section for more on our management of logistics.

Non-essential air travel restrictions has become standard business practice and growing provision of video conferencing facilities has contributed to a nine percent reduction in emissions related to air travel between the 14/15 and 15/16 period.

Outlook for Carbon Management

 Improve cost and carbon efficiency of business operations.
 14/15 objectives How did we do? 
 Improve data capture from Upstream sites.  In progress – Electricity data for Upstream sites is now automated for upload to ENIVIZI.
 Address ISO 14001 processes around management review and corrective and preventative case management.  Met – A single approach for management review and case / incident management has been established which lays the foundation for further system integration.
 15/16 objectives  How did we do?
 Incorporate sub metering for electricity, gas and or stationary fuels as part of the standard approach to fitouts at new Fuji Xerox Australia tenancies.  Met – Incorporated into standard practice for new fitouts.
 16/17 objectives
 Review data in ENVIZI and determine requirements for continuous improvement in data inputs, analysis, reporting and target setting.
 Incorporate sub-metering for electricity, gas and stationary fuels as part of the standard approach to fitouts of new tenancies.
 Reduce Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 5 percent over prior year.