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Water Management

Water management

[G4-EN8], [G4-EN10]

While water quality and conservation was identified as a material topic, our operations are not water intensive. As we have no owned sites and many are shared tenancies we have limited real water use data and controls over water conservation initiatives. We do work with our facility managers to ensure water saving initiatives are implemented where possible. The majority of our tenancies have water efficient fixtures and there is a process for reporting leaks to facilities management for timely rectification.

We also have in place spill management procedures and kits, training and general awareness communication channels to engage our employees in the important role they play in preventing pollution of our water ways.

The two main sites that we have line of site to water use and actively manage our water use are our Mascot and Rosehill facilities. Our Rosehill site has achieved a 42 percent decrease in water use since 13/14 after addressing issues with the rainwater harvesting system. Mascot saw an increase in 14/15, predominantly due to an aging and inefficient air conditioning system which is water-cooled, but improvements were once again achieved in 15/16.

Our Eco Manufacturing Centre at Rosehill has 100,000 litre rainwater tank for flushing toilets and watering the gardens.


Outlook for water management
Identify opportunities for improvement, promote and manage water conservation.
14/15 objectives How did we do?
Address issues with Rosehill rainwater recycling system. Met–The system is performing properly and has translated into reduced potable water consumption at the site.
15/16 objectives How did we do?
No specific objectives were set outside of maintaining our approach to environmental management.
16/17 objectives
No specific objectives has been set outside of maintain our approach to environmental management.