Attraction and Retention

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Ongoing capability development is vital to creating a culture that both motivates and enables our employees to enjoy professional and personal growth while contributing their expertise, talent and experience to generate value for our customers, our shareholders and our wider community. We undertake a number of initiatives to support and develop our people.

Attraction and Retention

G4-DMA] Aspects: Non-discrimination, diversity and equal opportunity, [G4-56]

We have focused in recent years on how we attract the right people to support our business transformation by leveraging technology, subject matter experts, social media, analytics and mobile. This has delivered financial benefits, business process improvements and an enriched candidate and employee experience.

“I am thoroughly impressed with our internal recruitment service, their drive to find the very best people for our sales force has been fantastic. The quality of the service and the candidates, the streamlined process and the savings in agency fees made my hiring experience a real pleasure.”

– Andy Sutherland, Regional Manager, Queensland, Fuji Xerox Australia


Getting to know the business

In addition to our online induction and compliance training programs, we conduct a two day face-to-face new employee welcome on a bi-monthly basis. This provides a comprehensive overview of the organisation to our new employees, familiarising them with our organisational structure, business strategy, plan and processes, providing the opportunity to meet and talk with senior leaders in the business and to engage them in our culture and values.

Participants are taken on a tour of our epicenter™ and our Eco Manufacturing Centre, which showcase our commitment to innovation and sustainability.


Overseas Training Program

Since 1974 Fuji Xerox Co Ltd has dispatched employees for training at overseas business sites. This is aimed at developing employees capable of leading the next generation at Fuji Xerox by fostering a broad perspective, a tough ability to get things done, and to improve communication skills through doing business in an environment that differs from their home language and culture. In 2011 the eligibility was expanded and now covers Fuji Xerox Co Ltd, Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Operations, Fuji Xerox Greater China Operations and operating companies like Fuji Xerox Australia throughout Asia Pacific. There were two purposes behind this expansion: (1) provide opportunities for employees from All-Fuji Xerox companies to undertake challenges in different environments, and (2) increase the number of sales people who can appropriately support customers who are more actively expanding business overseas. Not only are bilingual business documents and meetings becoming more common, a deeper understanding of diversity, such as different ways of thinking are adding value to our employees and our business divisions from this initiative.

Top five development areas from the Overseas Business Training experience based on a survey conducted with 57 trainees and their managers:

  • A high regard for diversity and ability to deal with different cultures
  • Effective problem solving
  • Challenge of achieving high performance
  • Continuous improvement and openness to new ways of thinking
  • Ability to collaborate with surrounding people and organizations

“I was assigned to Fuji Xerox Australia’s Melbourne office on the program in August 2013. Looking back, what an experience! I knew not one person in the organisation, nor had a friend in Melbourne when I first arrived. Thankfully, I was given a warm welcome from everyone in the branch and have met many amazing colleagues and made great friends who I still keep in touch with. During my two years I was able to improve my communication skills, experience the local sales culture, build strong people skills and deepen my love for the people and the city of Melbourne. I have since returned to Japan and leveraging my experience at Fuji Xerox Australia to support global deals in Fuji Xerox Global Services.”

– Maki Osaki, Business Development Manager, Fuji Xerox Japan Global Services



Transition Management

The transition into a management role was identified as an area with a large capability gap through a survey conducted in early 2015, which gathered the experiences of employee transitions the year prior. In 15/16 we looked to improve our capability to manage transitions within the business, whether it is an internal move to a management role, a manager taking on greater responsibility, or an external appointment into a leadership position in the business. We developed a Leadership Transitions toolkit and process which are designed to support individuals in transition. The Leadership Transition toolkit, which provides guidance, tips and a checklist for settling into a new role and enables them to easily access relevant information as required.


Coaching, mentoring and performance management

The roll out of our Straight Talk – Conversations for Success program serves as a foundational program for all people leaders to build their skills for holding clear conversations with their teams relating to performance, development and coaching.

Our program, Managing Performance, builds upon the foundation laid by Straight Talk to help managers to have courageous conversations about performance they experience to be unsatisfactory. This includes education on employment laws, as well as embracing a philosophy of development not punishment when reviewing performance.


Mentoring in the wider community

Through Fuji Xerox Australia’s relationships with United Way and the Australian Business and Community Network, opportunities are available to our employees to take on mentoring roles with students at various stages of their education. Mentoring enables not only the mentee, but also the mentor to learn and develop through a real life experience. Guidance is provided in preparation and during the mentoring experience. Effective mentors have highly developed interpersonal skills, are able to build rapport and make others feel comfortable - all the qualities of leadership. Effective mentors also have a sound understanding of how individuals learn.

The experience from these community mentoring activities translates into key capability development for our employees in addition to the benefits realised by the students involved in the programs. The mentoring programs are available to anyone in the company to take part.


Formal performance management


In addition to engaging on a regular informal basis on how teams are progressing against their objectives, all managers and employees are expected to use our performance management system to support a formal performance review with their people. While there is much debate about the benefits of formal reviews, when delivered well, we believe they offer the opportunity to ensure expectations are clear and development plans are progressive. It also facilitates a connectedness to the team and business objectives, and supports our incentive scheme for recognising and rewarding our employees.

Completions of the formal review process in 14/15 increased from 49 percent the prior year to 72 percent. Seventy-three percent of our male workforce and 69 percent of our female workforce completed reviews.

We believe completion of formal reviews was influenced by increased follow-up by our People and Culture Group on completion of reviews and employee numbers in our performance management system include new starters who may not yet have entered into the performance review cycle.

We do not have metrics for 15/16 as we transitioned to a new management system, the Oracle Human Capital management (HCM) system, starting with core data in July 2015. While this change impeded reporting for a period of time it has resulted in one uniform for platform for all Asia Pacific operating companies and sets the foundation to build analytics in other aspects of human capital management.


Leading our people through change

We continue to embed change leadership skills through the Leading People through Change program. We have also facilitated several team sessions which have leveraged the models from this program and provided a Change Management Toolkit via our intranet portal - The Way We Work.


Sales training

As a business in the business of selling, the ability of our people to ascertain our customers’ needs and deliver solutions and services that add value is integral to our success. While we have had little face-to-face formal training for our sales teams over the past 18 months, we have been developing a refreshed capability approach that will be utilised in 17/18. This includes harnessing the regional Sales Capability framework that has been developed by operating companies across Asia Pacific in collaboration with Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

We also have two initiatives to assist employees in managing career endings


Transition to retirement

Australia has an ageing workforce and we want to be able to engage our talent as long as possible while balancing their need for flexibility as they consider retirement. Flexible work arrangements are available to allow our people to gradually make the transition into full-time retirement, keeping them active and supporting their wellbeing. This arrangement in turn aids the retention and transfer of knowledge and skills to the new workforce and improves our capacity for succession and workforce planning.


Outplacement support program

In the event that a position is made redundant and we are unable to offer a suitable redeployment opportunity to the affected individual, we offer impacted employees the opportunity to participate in an outplacement support program. This aids the individuals involved with the emotions of the change and the impact it may have on them personally, as well as providing guidance on resume writing, interview skills and job search options.


Staff Benefits Table


Talent attraction and retention outlook. We aim to deliver a customer-centric culture through high performance, best in class talent and inspirational leadership, while creating and sustaining a great place to work.

14/15 – 15/16 objectives  How did we do 
Execute competency training and review the organisation design to build sales capability. In progress - Competency framework designed and included in new regional HCM system. During 14/15 most external training was put on hold due to financial and management pressures. A few internally run development programs were continued including induction and new employee programs. This will be a continu
 Recruitment team to be operational.  Met - Recruitment team is fully operational and savings in excess of $1.5m p.a. delivered from insourcing
Employee engagement achievement of 63 percent. Not met – In 14/15 an employee engagement survey was conducted with a very poor result of 39 percent.
A leadership change with competing priorities in 2015 meant no survey was conducted in 15/16.
In November 2016 we conducted an engagement survey with a new provider in line with other Fuji Xerox operating companies across the region. Results expected February 2017.

16/17 Objectives

 Execute competency training and review the organisation design to build sales capability.  
 Conduct employee engagement survey with new agency aligned to other Fuji Xerox operating companies in the region.   
 Develop a framework for job structures and grading.