Cultural Harmony

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Cultural Harmony

[G4-DMA] Aspects: Non-discrimination, diversity and equal opportunity, [G4-56]

All individuals have the right to work in an environment that is positive, fulfilling and free of discrimination or harassment. We take this seriously and believe diversity is good for business. Fuji Xerox Australia wants to attract, develop and retain talented individuals who bring different experiences, knowledge, ideas, perspectives and leadership styles. This requires a culture of inclusion in which all individuals feel respected, are treated fairly, supported through different life events, and lifestyles, to encourage work/life balance and to provide opportunity for our people to excel in their chosen careers.


Workplace relations

To support this position, all new employees are required to sign our code of conduct and complete various mandatory training modules including - Respect, Workplace Bullying, use of Social Media, Health and Safety and Environmental Management. Our new employee welcome face-to-face program also reiterates our culture and values. The Respect training was originally rolled out in 11/12 and all employees were engaged in a refresher in 14/15, which saw 2,040 employees having completed the course to date. An updated version will be rolled out during 16/17. In addition, a face-to-face senior leader refresher program will be held during 16/17.

Our people and culture and health and safety teams are trained in handling grievances and conducting reviews of our policies and procedures for grievance resolution, unsatisfactory performance and conduct, harassment, bullying, discrimination and equal employment opportunity. Refresher updates are conducted when legislative changes occur. We continue to grow our peoples’ skills and knowledge in relation to mental health issues impacting workers, ensuring responsible management action is taken in a reasonable and timely manner. It can be confronting and stressful for everyone involved, so our aim is to ensure we gain perspective on the issue and help address the matter to an appropriate resolution.


During the report period we had no judgement of discrimination made against Fuji Xerox Australia or any of our employees. Any complaints from employees, are treated seriously, and we have a process that is followed to determine the facts and take appropriate action.


Flexible working arrangements

It is essential our business is running productively and our managers are under pressure to increase their team’s outputs, while working smarter with less resources. Flexibility in approach to work hours and work styles is increasing in demand, contributed to by growing urban sprawls and the subsequent impact on commute times, budgets and quality personal time. The challenge of providing a flexible approach to work for the many generations we employ is a key ingredient in the design of both our workplaces and work practises and requires case-by-case considerations. There is no one size fits all so we endeavour to meet individual requirements, where possible while maintaining a high level of performance.


Employee assistance program

Our employees and their immediate family members can confidentially discuss any work or personal issues that are of concern or may be impacting their wellbeing through our Employee Assistance program. Independent skilled professionals are on hand to provide confidential guidance and short term support for both work and non-work related matters. In addition to professional care the program provides access to self-help programs, interactive tools and educational resources to help our people with life's changes and challenges.

Where an issue requires ongoing assistance employees will be connected with appropriate longer term support.


Gender diversity


Diversity has been a focus for our business since 11/12, when we established a diversity and inclusivity committee with representatives from our People and Culture Group, other key decision makers from across the business and chaired by our managing director. An officer responsible for the overall coordination and implementation of the diversity and inclusivity agenda was also appointed from our People and Culture Group. Over the past few years a number of initiatives have been achieved with a prominent focus on gender diversity.


Key initiatives have included:

  • Introduction of 12 weeks paid parental leave.
  • Implementing flexible work practices.
  • Revising diversity reporting in line with the Workplace Gender Equality Agency requirements.
  • Piloting of a Women in Leadership program for 30 women in middle management positions.
  • Ensuring there is at least one woman on each recruitment shortlist when recruiting managerial roles.

We have a target to achieve 30 percent female representation in managerial roles which is yet to be achieved, with 25 percent women in managerial roles as at 15/16.

With undergoing two changes in managing director in the past 18 months and significant organizational restructure and competing business priorities, we are yet to review our management approach to diversity and a forward looking plan. However the diversity agenda is still valued and recognised as important to our future performance.


Equal remuneration

[G4-DMA, G4-DMA-a] Aspect: Equal remuneration for women and men

Fuji Xerox Australia aims to maintain a competitive remuneration approach to assist in attracting and retaining the people we need to manage and grow our business. Our remuneration approach factors in business performance, market conditions, role specific and job/family trends.

We are currently working on a job structure and grading framework that will provide a formal approach to job structures, career pathways and remuneration bandings. This project is being conducted in collaboration with our regional head office. We will also continue to ensure that our remuneration levels are in line with relevant benchmarks, and where necessary make adjustments.


Workforce by gender and Remuneration

[G4-LA13], [G4-10]

Mentoring in the wider community

Through Fuji Xerox Australia’s relationships with United Way and the Australian Business and Community Network, opportunities are available to our employees to take on mentoring roles with students at various stages of their education. Mentoring enables not only the mentee, but also the mentor to learn and develop through a real life experience. Guidance is provided in preparation and during the mentoring experience. Effective mentors have highly developed interpersonal skills, are able to build rapport and make others feel comfortable - all the qualities of leadership. Effective mentors also have a sound understanding of how individuals learn.

The experience from these community mentoring activities translates into key capability development for our employees in addition to the benefits realised by the students involved in the programs. The mentoring programs are available to anyone in the company to take part.

Fostering a culture of respect, anti-bullying and diversity outlook

We aim to deliver a customer focused culture through high performance, best in class talent and inspirational leadership, while creating and sustaining a great place to work.

14/15 – 15/16 objectives How did we go?
Roll out Women in Leadership program pilot for 30 women in middle - management positions. In progress – Ran a Women in Leadership program in 14/15
In 15/16 due to financial pressures this program was suspended.
Ensure there is at least one female on recruitment shortlists for managerial roles. Met – For all managerial roles a female is included in the shortlist.
Achieve 30 percent female representation in managerial roles. Not met – Achieved 25 percent female representation in managerial roles.
Roll out to all employees the updated Respect program incorporating legislative changes. Met - Content for the Respect program was refreshed and re-launched to all employees in 14/15 with 2,040 people completing the module to date.
16/17 Objectives
Transformation of Sales Force performance through talent acquisition and development.
Ensure at least one female on recruitment shortlist for management roles.
Improvement in representation of women in managerial roles from 25 percent to 30 percent.
Reengage all employees in an updated version of Respect program.