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G4-DMA-b] Aspect specific: Occupational health and safety

We aim to provide a working environment for our people that fosters health, wellbeing and safety. We endeavour to be transparent in our management practices and to reduce any risks. Happy, healthy employees who can contribute to our growth and provide a great customer experience are our greatest asset.

A growing issue in Australian society and workplaces is mental health, and with the restructuring of our business over the last couple of years we are sensitive to the fact that this could lead to additional pressures on our people. With this in mind we are ensuring they are well supported, and have a workplace that supports both their physical and mental wellbeing.

Supporting our people

Fuji Xerox Australia’s health and safety management system aligned to Work Health and Safety legislation was fully reviewed, edited and re-released in 14/15. A risk management approach addresses the specific risk profiles of our business and we consult and collaborate with our people, our customers, and our suppliers to reduce risk and ensure appropriate controls are in place across our operations.


We have established and trained 19 health and safety committees, who represent our workforce nationally. Committees meet regularly, holding monthly or bi-monthly meetings, depending on site requirements. Consultation and communication ensure our workers have access to information on health and safety matters affecting their division, site or team.

We are promoting our BeSAFE program which involves observing workers and talking about safe and unsafe acts and behaviours. This is with a view to promoting safe work practices, and seeking to understand why someone is working unsafely, and discuss consequences and actions with them.

Our people are encouraged to report any hazard, incident, injury or near miss within an hour, so that appropriate reviews and risk controls can be implemented in a timely manner.

Monthly reports with key health and safety indicators are distributed nationally so management teams and committee members can review the information and implement any required controls or actions that may be relevant to their scope of work.

We have a proactive return to work process for anyone who suffers a workplace injury or illness. Consultation with key stakeholders is undertaken throughout the lifecycle of the workers compensation process. We meet regularly with our insurer to review strategies, opportunities to enhance rehabilitation and reduce claims costs. This assists with a proactive rehabilitation to improve return to work timeframes.

We know that work-related stress is a growing concern across many organisations, which brings greater awareness and commitment to support mental health and wellbeing. We actively promote our Employee Assistance program which is available to our employees and their families. Our health and safety and people and culture teams continue to improve their knowledge and skills to promote and protect employee mental health and work closely together to ensure our people are supported.


A healthy workplace


Our strong focus on continuous improvement of our safety culture was reflected across the board in our 14/15 key health and safety indicators. In 15/16 there was an increase in in lost time however these claims were all for minor medical conditions and as a result of behaviour rather than people being at risk during their work day. As our risk profile is behavioural, we continue to reinforce a culture of safety awareness and responsibility with our people, as individuals and as part of their team.

It is pleasing to see the 15/16 monthly reporting schedule confirmed an increase in workers reporting hazards and risk in the year, ensuring we know the issue and can implement any required controls promptly or communicate safe work procedures as may be required. We continue to focus on promoting early reporting, within an hour of awareness, improving outcomes for our people and reducing workers compensation claims.

  • A number of initiatives we will focus on to deliver continuous improvement include:
  • Preventing injuries from ergonomic hazards in the work environment.
  • Promoting work-life balance and monitoring and supporting stress management.
  • Encouraging all employees to complete our online manual handling training to reduce the risk of body strains and sprains and to work safely at all times.
  • Our health and safety focus aims to reduce absenteeism, increase resilience and reduce behavioural type incidents and injuries.
  • Managers, together with our national site health and safety committees, health and safety team and first aiders are key drivers of programs implemented within the business.
  • Workforce injuries


Helping small business focus on safety

Fuji Xerox Australia’s National Safety Manager and Safety Advisor have participated in the WorkCover NSW Mentoring program for a number of years, an initiative to support small business by appointing representatives from a large organisation to guide them in managing their health and safety responsibilities.

"We play a part in understanding our mentees business and the daily health and safety challenges they face. We offer support and suggest solutions to improve their safety, injury management and workers compensation issues. It is a valuable program, and we have been delighted to participate for the last three years and to continue this support in the next round of programs.”

– Karen Brown, National Manager, Health and Safety, Fuji Xerox Australia

The support received from the likes of Fuji Xerox Australia is seen by WorkCover NSW as essential to improving work health and safety across the state.

Health & Safety

Health and safety outlook
Our aim is to embed a wellbeing culture that fosters improved health and safety practices and to implement effective systems, processes and tools to address health and safety risks and associated injuries.
14/15 objectives How did we do?
Improve mental health awareness and support: In progress
Review and update policy and procedures. In progress and ongoing to ensure they are updated and aligned to the risk profile of our business. More information on mental health support services has been provided by our Employee Assistance program (EAP) provider and released nationally to raise awareness and provide contact and information details.
Raise awareness to reduce stigma and work with managers, employees and treating practitioners to assist with sustainable return to work. In the past year we had more workers requiring support and returning to work from personal health matters that have impacted them. We focus on open consultation with all stakeholders to assist with a durable return to work process.
Build skills and resilience within our health and safety and people and culture teams, through courses and awareness seminars on mental health matters. A mental health first aid course was undertaken by our national manager, health and safety. It provided more insight into the issues employees may experience and how to address them in the workplace.
Our national manager, health and safety attends seminars and training and shares continued learning on mental health issues impacting our people and to assist them with their goals to work.
Facilitate access to psychological support services through our employee assistance program. Access to psychological support services through our employee assistance program established. All newsletters and posters from our EAP provider are distributed to our health and safety committees and posted in all workplaces.
Establish a quarterly conference call with health and safety committee chairpersons and our health and safety team to discuss workplace health and safety trends, behavioural incidents and ideas for improvement. MET - We continue to support and work closely with committees so they have the skill to manage health and safety in their workplace. We encourage contact with our national manager, health and safety with any questions so that support is provided as required.
15/16 Objectives
No new objectives were set in 15/16. This was a year of business as usual, maintaining the management of a safe workplace and supporting the health and wellbeing of our people.
16/17 Objectives
Established an online reporting system for hazards, incidents, injuries and near miss reports.
Provide guidance on appropriate ergonomic set up in the workplace for office based workers.
Review our online Health and Safety training module.