Dealer Sustainability

Dealer Sustainability


The aim of our dealer sustainability program is to align our channel partners with Fuji Xerox Co Ltd values and objective to be a leader in sustainability, to address stakeholder expectations and provide our dealers with a path for continuous improvement in sustainability.

A priority obligation for Fuji Xerox Australia that requires the support of our dealers and is therefore an integral part of our dealer sustainability program, is meeting the requirements of the Australian Federal Government’s Product Stewardship Act, passed in 2011. This legislates that both government and industry have a shared responsibility to reduce electronic waste, increase recycling and manage the environmental, health and safety impacts of the products that we use. Under the legislation we are required to meet targets and report annually on the collection and recycling of our end-of-life products. For this reason Level 1 - Leading in Product Stewardship is mandatory for all Australian based dealers.

The program consists of three levels:

Level 1: Leading in Product Stewardship (mandatory)

Level 2: Building on Sustainability

Level 3: Leading on Sustainability

With the Dealer Sustainability program now in its ninth year, we have a great number of dealerships that choose to go beyond compliance in our sustainability program and have realised the benefits to their reputation in their local communities and the leverage it can provide by way of stronger customer relations and employee attraction and retention.

There are annual performance reviews against the three level program established to guide and gauge the maturity of our dealers sustainability management and outcomes; and how they support their customers sustainability objectives. The program encourages networking between the dealerships to share their challenges and ideas to improve performance, as much as collaboration with Fuji Xerox Australia. Annually we present a number of awards to recognise outstanding performance by our dealerships and dealer sustainability champions.