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Paper Supplies

Paper Supplies

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Fuji Xerox Australia's Supplies group sources office products for our customers, with office papers making up 80 percent of sales revenue for the group. Our goal is to ensure our papers are derived from paper mills with sustainably managed fibre sources and manufacturing processes that meet Fuji Xerox Co Ltd’s CSR guideline and paper procurement policy. We seek to demonstrate and promote compliance with recognised international standards, identifying and controlling the sources of raw materials used in the manufacture of our paper products.

In 14/15 and 15/16 our commodity copy paper supplies primarily came from three mills in China, equating to 74 percent of volume. Recycled copy papers are sourced from Europe and Australia. Speciality coated papers are sourced from Europe and the United States of America. All mills meet our stringent environmental credentials. These mill relationships have been managed on a day-to-day basis between mill representatives in Australia, Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte Ltd’s Management Quality office and Fuji Xerox Australia’s Supplies group.

The regional procurement team from Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte Ltd and our Supplies group meet with strategic mill partners, undertaking site audit visits where compliance to standards, including our sustainable paper procurement policy, are reviewed. 

Fuji Xerox Australia is certified for The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) C009629 and The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC™) /21-31-83 Chain of Custody. This means that that at every stage, agreed systems and processes are in place to guarantee the integrity of the certified products. We are audited annually to retain certification.

Of all papers sold to our Australian customers, 100 percent are either FSC ® C009629 certified, PEFC ™ /21-31-83  certified, carbon neutral or made from recycled materials.

Over time the paper ranges made available by Fuji Xerox operating companies across the Asia Pacific region have grown to a point where there were more than 100 different products, leading to confusion in the market. Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte Ltd has started rationalising paper products with the aim to have a maximum 5 – 10 branded commodity papers in various weights and sizes that would be common to all operating companies and also consider any local specific needs. This will assist with clarity for our sales team and customers on available products, provide greater brand control, and ensure all products sold in the region meet Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte Ltd’s ethical paper procurement guidelines. This will also deliver benefits at the operating company level with a reduction in inventory held and improvements in profit margin. This range consolidation will also see a review of carbon neutral paper products and in turn the offset projects supported at a regional level.

Paper supplies sold to our Australian customers


paper supplies

In 13/14 we transitioned our leading paper ranges for the corporate market, our Performer and Business products, to the Australian Federal Government National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS). Our 100 percent recycled Green Wrap range joined the NCOS certified ranks in 14/15, while our remaining paper ranges continue on the NoCO2 certification with the Carbon Reduction Institute.

While we all still need to do what we can to minimise our environmental impacts through a 'reduce, reuse, recycle and innovate' approach, there is still a demand for paper today. Purchasing our carbon neutral paper stocks enables vital funding to go to credible, independently verified projects, working to reduce carbon emissions and deliver additional economic, social and environmental benefits.

Delivering economic, social and environmental benefits

The carbon offset projects supported by our Business and Performer office paper ranges were selected not only to support action against climate change. We wanted to identify projects that also aligned with our focus on education for future generations and the preservation of diminishing cultures and information, with a particular desire to support an Australian project. This brought about our investment in the Savannah Burning Project in Cape York, Queensland and Kariba REDD+ Project in Zimbabwe.

Controlled Savannah Burning Project in Cape York, Queensland, Australia

This project is exclusively financed by Fuji Xerox Australia Business, Performer and Greenwrap Recycled paper sales.

It is a carbon farming project supporting a cultural tradition amongst the indigenous population of the Pormpuraaw region. The project involves Aboriginal landowners, local Rangers and Junior Ranger trainees conducting mosaic burning early in the dry season.

There are a number of benefits derived for the local community and broader society including:

  • Ongoing employment for local rangers to manage the burning programs.
  • Traditional owners remaining on country, connecting with their land and cultural values.
  • On-country education of young indigenous people through the Junior Ranger program, passing on traditional agricultural practices from one generation to the next.
  • Reduced risk of late season wildfires, in turn protecting unique habitats and their unique flora and faunaPormpuraaw's Bull Lake ecosystem, a sacred cultural site and an Australian wetland of national  significance, is one such area being protected.
  • Mitigating the amount of greenhouse gases emitted each year from more carbon intensive late dry season uncontrolled bush fires.
  • Abandoned fishing nets removed from the coastline and seabed by the rangers are given to local artists to produce spectacular ghost net weaving

"It's important that this happens and the land is continually looked after and managed, that our culture continues." - Prompuraaw Elder 

  • Outlook for responsible paper procurement
  • Source both recycled and virgin paper from certified sources.
  • Assess paper suppliers' sustainability credentials and establish a path for continuous improvement.
  • Develop resources and implement communication strategies so we can act as a trusted advisor to clients on responsible paper sourcing.


14/15 objectives How did we do?
Increase awareness and understanding of our people, customers and consumers of the benefits of carbon neutral programs and their importance to the global environment. Met-We launched our Carbon Neutral digital grades to all customers, held industry and key customer events to introduce the ranges and produced supporting marketing materials.
Increase our range of Carbon Neutral paper stocks to include larger sheet size papers for the production print market Met –Increased our range of Carbon Neutral paper stocks to include larger sheet size papers which has seen us nearly triple our sales of carbon neutral papers to the production print market.
15/16 objectives How did we do?
Develop a microsite to promote the credentials of our carbon neutral paper stocks and the environmental, social and economic benefits the associated carbon offset projects deliver. Met –We launched our microsite which features our products, project information and a carbon calculator.
Increase specification of slip sheet shipments of commodity copy paper from overseas. Not Met -The project was deemed to be high risk from a workplace safety perceptive.
16/17 objectives
 Consolidation of paper products and supplier base at a regional level.