Print Colour Management Software Solutions

Commercial print relies on colour consistency. The correct colour can mean the difference between a profitable, satisfied customer and lost business. That's why the right software solutions are crucial. Fuji Xerox solutions help you achieve precise colours across printing methods, devices and technologies, and offer access to both professional consultants and easy to use colour management software that delivers accurate, consistent colours across your production floor.

Fuji Xerox colour technologies also improve productivity by removing the need for manual file editing, which can be extremely time consuming. Colours are managed across output devices which include inkjet, digital printers, offset lithography and stocks making it easy to deliver the quality your customers need.

Our Confident Colour program goes beyond technology, with FOGRA certified professional services available to help standardise colour throughout your business. Achieve smooth gradients, improved colour handling and perfect blends with our colour managed workflow solutions. Our solutions include: ORIS Professional that suits the strictest manufacturing tolerances, as it has been designed to CGS specifications. Essential in an inkjet proofing system, it helps meet the stringent needs of the digital proofing space. Also LYNX a unique cloud colour management solution that means you can manage colour output simply by logging in through a web browser. LYNX is designed to streamline colour workflow through colour accuracy and repeatability, all via the cloud. LYNX is perfect for businesses needing a low-cost, subscription based solution to manage colour accuracy and consistency on digital devices.

Capable print colour management software solutions will deliver consistency and reliability.

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