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The communications lifecycle is one that's often difficult for many businesses to manage - but it doesn't have to be. Solutions from Fuji Xerox make it easy to manage the entire lifecycle, from the campaign planning stages right through the creation, execution and real-time analytics. Our range of personalised communications solutions give businesses the power to create marketing campaigns across a range of marketing channels, ensuring the broadest reach possible.

Let's take a look at three of the leading products available from Fuji Xerox. XMPie Trans Media Solutions makes it easy to deliver engaging communications across multiple channels (including print, email, mobile, web and video) with XMPie solutions, which also make it simple to develop and execute multi-touch and multi-channel communications. GMC Inspire is a solution designed to support business transactional, personalised promotional and trans-promo database publishing, as well as print-on-demand applications. It's perfect for commercial printers and enterprises with mixed document and application needs, although it can also be utilised by serviced bureaus. FreeFlow VIS delivers effective marketing campaigns - capturing the attention of your potential customers. This is the perfect tool for businesses that have strict requirements when it comes to quality, turnaround and price, and needs to be a top consideration.

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