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Fuji Xerox makes Web to Print and paperless automation an extremely easy process to handle, and means you can get work done without missing deadlines. Providing seamless 24/7 services to your clients by giving them direct access to a personalised marketing portal.

XMPie StoreFlow is a perfect tool for creating and managing online web-to-print storefronts. It's also useful to develop marketing portals to sell static and personalised print, and digital email and web campaigns online. It can also track jobs in the queue and ensure they're delivered on time. Through the inclusion of FreeFlow Core, Prepress and paperless automation - Fuji Xerox makes web to finish easy.

XMPie also brings a number of other useful features to the table, including cross-media tools ideal to deliver communications across print, email, mobile, video and the web - creating a highly engaging and also interactive customer experience. The key software features include uDirect Video a great way to create personalised videos that go beyond to deliver motion-picture graphics and high quality visual effects. It's integrated with Adobe After Effects, a piece of industry-standard video production software. Also PersonalEffect eMedia Cloud an entry level hosted solution for companies that produce a limited volume of 1:1 multichannel communications, designed to manage all non-print related campaign functionalities.

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