Print Workflow Software Solutions

Automating print workflow is something most businesses need to do, especially given the often high costs of print operations. With FreeFlow solutions available from Fuji Xerox, businesses can do just that. It becomes easy to streamline production, cut back on costs and manage print jobs more effectively.

Deploying powerful software

This software comes with a number of useful features which mean businesses can preflight the cost of jobs, schedule tasks in advance and manage complete jobs. The substantial range of tools also make it easy to file and press preparation.

Let's take a look at two of the most capable FreeFlow print workflow solutions, a suite of software solutions designed to make print production far more simple and streamlined. FreeFlow Core is a solution that automates and integrates the processing of print jobs, right from the file finishing to production phase - all from within a web browser. It can be easily and quickly scaled to meet business demand, and seamlessly integrates to your existing system. FreeFlow Express to Print is for businesses who are constantly on a quest to simplify document preparation. This tool uses a sleek and highly visual graphical interface to relay information - displaying the complete job on screen. This soft-proof feature contains multiple views to make previewing a document far easier, and it removes the need for a computer.

The Print Workflow Solutions available from Fuji Xerox offer unparalleled capabilities, and they certainly need to be considered by both small and large businesses needing to overhaul workflows.

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