Document Management Software

Businesses manage a substantial number of documents across many departments which can often be difficult. Our document management software streamlines the entire process from scanning the initial paper-based files through to sharing them with staff.

DocuShare: When staff need fast access to critical business information, DocuShare is the best option. This is an easy and flexible content management system that can automate business processes so that customers, partners and constituents can access, share and process information.

DocuWorks: To improve workflow DocuWorks needs to be considered, being a single document handling application that makes it easy to manage multiple documents across a variety of formats - improving productivity for staff both in and out of the office.

Intelledox: The focus of Intelledox is digitisation specifically through smart web form and document automation. Intelledox also integrates seamlessly with existing lines of business systems that are already in use by the company and uses Microsoft Office applications for input.

Working Folder: A Cloud Document Management Service that allows businesses to upload, manage and share files from any location with a high degree of security.

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