Wide-format Colour Printers

Your success often depends on the technology that underpins your business; it's vital to use the right print technology. The wide-format colour printers from Fuji Xerox Australia deliver high pages per minute, stunning quality and unparalleled reliability.

Commercial print operations need wide-format printers to be reliable, versatile and capable of delivering high-quality output. The Fuji Film Acuity Advance Select provides the ultimate platform for printing on rigid, flexible and roll media - perfect for commercial purposes, whether it's advertising or more technical. Delivering near-photographic image quality, and consistently high performance, they also deliver documents and images with vibrant colours thanks to Ubijet high quality inks from Fuji Film.

For commercial printers there is no room for substandard devices. The Acuity Advance range is a benchmark for performance, letting you print high volumes of images and documents at a high rate, without sacrificing on quality; just one reason why thousands are used around the world.

If you want to know more about wide-format colour printers, get in touch with the team at Fuji Xerox Australia, who will help you find the right solution for your business.

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