What is SkyDesk?

SkyDesk CRM is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, backed by Fuji Xerox, that delivers complete CRM functionality that is easier to use than other offerings.

With SkyDesk CRM you can manage all your Sales, Marketing, Customer Support & Service, Inventory Management, and Email within in a single business system.

Grow your business with SkyDesk CRM

Automate. Be Productive

Automate your day-to-day business activities so that you can focus on selling and not on maintaining data.

Track Your Sales Activities

Gain complete visibility of your sales cycle. Align your sales efforts with business strategies and objectives.

Go Mobile. Take CRM with you

SkyDesk CRM is cloud-based, so you can access your sales data anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Boost Your Marketing

Connect to and qualify leads with e-mail campaigns and web forms. Plan, execute, and measure performance.

Satisfy Customers

Manage customer queries, information, and past interactions from a central repository.

Manage Inventory (Paid Feature)

Manage online product catalogues. Create instant sales orders and invoices from sales quotes.

Track Email (Paid Feature)

Send, receive, and track customer emails from within CRM and your other business email clients.


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