Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable

Fundamental to the success of every organisation is an efficient accounts payable department. It's a complex and demanding administrative zone that requires expertise from qualified people to achieve greater efficiency, accuracy and visibility.

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Business Challenges

Many organisations find that their accounts payable department is inefficient and costly, but with varied and complex environments it is often difficult to identify the main problems and turn it around.

A significant factor in the inefficiency of an accounts payable department is the manual work required to enter data and maintain effective records.

With a lack of visibility for invoices, organisations struggle to control the approval processes resulting in delays and inconsistencies in payment. This also lengthens the time taken to find information required for query and dispute resolutions leading to division with suppliers.

Our Solution

Fuji Xerox Global Services is able to offer specialised skills in scanning and digitising suppliers' documents, and with our workflow technology, we can automate your accounts payable processes.

Automation enables you to minimise the manual processes in accounts payable, and frees up your staff to focus on their core duties. It also streamlines the management of queries and disputes and delivers real-time reports via a simple and secure web portal, accessible through any browser.

Regardless of your suppliers' document types — paper, email, fax or electronic — we can capture them through our network or processing centre. Our scanning solution provides online visibility of all invoices and other documents and provides an audit trail automatically.

Our system also matches all orders and invoices and then uploads them to your system. Security is assured, with access requiring authorisation.

Business Benefits

Our accounts payable service brings true automation to your activities, and eliminates labour intensive processes. Delivering control and visibility via real time reporting by using our automated processes you could save up to 50 per cent of your ongoing data processing costs (Aberdeen, April 2010, Invoicing and Workflow), and enjoy total transparency of all your procedures. Our services are very flexible, so they can be modified to fit your exact requirements, and adapt to suit your business as it grows.

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