Creative Services

Creative Services

Creating a document is the first step in a communication lifecycle. It’s also one of the most difficult, and can be the most costly. Without careful planning, the creation of a company’s myriad documents and communications can confuse the corporate message, blur the corporate image and blow out their costs.

Business Challenges

Every company uses a wide range of documents for different purposes, each of which must be written, designed, produced and distributed. In many cases, different departments produce their own documents, leading to confused messages to clients and inconsistent branding.

When different creative services are used to prepare documents for several departments, brand consistency can be lost and corporate assets can be difficult to find.

These processes are also expensive. It becomes more difficult to track the costs of document creation, leading to a blowout in communications budgets.

Our Solution

Fuji Xerox Creative Services brings together experienced designers, writers and artists to provide effective, attractive documents for all your corporate needs.

By using our creative services, you will have full control of the whole creative process by dealing with a central point of contact. This eliminates any confusion, and focuses attention on your priorities so time and effort aren’t wasted on unnecessary tasks.

You can also track the costs of creation much more accurately, by having one central agency to deal with, instead of commissioning creative agencies on an ad hoc basis for every project. Reduction in costs is achieved by eliminating duplication, reducing the number of inaccurate briefs, and being able to rely on a creative team that understands your goals.


Digital Publishing is the delivery of traditional print content, via digital channels such as, websites, blogs, video, apps and games.

Digital content is accessed via interactive hot spots and is often delivered in an app format.

Unlike traditional print publishing, Digital Publishing enables a conversation with consumers and helps to build feedback loops. It is a critical tool in building, maintaining and growing relationships.

Our expert team of creatives will provide effective documents that truly reflect your brand values and deliver your message to your audience.

Business Benefits

  • You can be sure that all your documents will have real impact, and will deliver your messages in a way that speaks directly to your audience.
  • Your corporate brand values are highlighted and preserved in all your communications.
  • All your employees will have the appropriate materials to communicate professionally, and provide a unified, coherent message at all times.
  • You have total control of the quality of all your communications, with a single contact point to simplify the discussion of all your needs.
  • Using a single creative agency will deliver more effective creative processes and reduce their costs. The costs of each project will be transparent, and will reflect the common use of your corporate assets.
  • These creative services are flexible to suit your ongoing communications needs.

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