Dynamic Content Publishing

Dynamic Content Publishing

Attracting and retaining customers is the goal of every organisation. Targeted, personalised and effective communication helps to enhance customer experience. It’s a complex task to get your corporate message to the people who matter. As customers receive more information than ever, it has become increasingly difficult to ensure that your communications are reaching your preferred markets in the most appropriate and meaningful way.

Business Challenges

With the explosion of digital channels, many organisations make the mistake of assuming that effective communication is just an easy mouse click away. Not so!

Every business needs a consistent, effective means of communication with employees, clients, suppliers and new markets. It also needs methods to gather and analyse information collected from them, to develop new and more effective communications.

Deploying communications and marketing campaigns across all channels including print and digital, with the inclusion of personalised or tailored content, can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your message. But ensuring your communications are shared on time, on message and on brand is a large undertaking.

Our Solution

Fuji Xerox can provide comprehensive publishing services that reach well beyond the fundamentals.

We have longstanding expertise in applications such as administrative documents, statements and invoices, contracts, customer communications, effective personalised marketing and cross-media communications.


To ensure that your communications are clear, concise, and resonate with your audience, we offer document design services such as copywriting, imaging, graphic and web design, desktop publishing and approval services that will ensure your message is consistent and effective.


Our specialists can turn your static document designs into highly personalised and relevant communications that will resonate with your audience and generate higher response rates.

Using state of the art content development technology we can personalise every document to speak to your audience directly, localise it so it is relevant to them, and time it so they receive it at a convenient time for them.

Data Analysis

We have the capability to analyse client data and assist you to develop more individualised, appropriate communications, and build on your client relationships more effectively.


Our team can manage the whole process for an end–to–end communications solution that delivers results.

Business Benefits

Our team is able to bring together in one place an effective means of communicating with all your stakeholders.

  • Your communication will be consistent and high quality, and be flexible so they adapt easily to suit your ongoing needs. Your customers will enjoy a more convenient, more personal and more relevant relationship with you.
  • Your communication expenditure will be reduced through structured, targeted and effective systems, and a more direct design and development path with a single point of contact.
  • We can deploy multi-channel communication that are customised to suit your specific needs, and personalised to address target markets.
  • Your communication will be transparent, from conception to deployment and final report, via web portal or online workflow management system, and will generate ongoing communications opportunities through their data capture and analysis.

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