Effective Communication and Marketing

Effective Communication & Marketing

In nearly every business, regardless of sector, the ability to communicate with audiences in a timely and meaningful way is paramount - whether it's with internal staff, customers, prospects or suppliers.

Being able to quickly and easily deploy communications and marketing campaigns across print and digital channels, along with personalised and tailored content, can dramatically increase message effectiveness. Ofcourse, it's important to ensure that communications are shared on time, the message is on-brand and there are clear results.

It's obviously no easy undertaking. Compounding issues is changing consumer demands, as they now have a choice of ways to research products. They can investigate online, via social media, through print or even video. This represents an opportunity for marketers - they can reach their customers in new and exciting ways.

How can you ensure you are not only reaching your customers through the right channel, but also with a message that resonates with them as an individual – without jeopardising time to market or brand?

Personalise It

Research has shown time and time again that response rates, conversion to sales and customer engagement all increase with personalised communications: when you add an individual's name to a printed page, response rates go up 44 percent.

Adding colour as well raises response rates by 135 percent. Personalise the content to the individual and response rates go up more than 500 percent. We have a range of products and services which help businesses of all sizes overcome this challenge, ranging from licensed software solutions through to fully outsourced creative and communication services.

XMPie VDP Solutions

The XMPie suite of variable data publishing solutions - XMPie PersonalEffect - allows users to create integrated, cross-media campaigns tailored to suit individual needs and interests. Included tools for designers, data managers and production teams allow you to manage the process from campaign planning through execution and reporting on ROI.

Plug-ins also allow you to capitalise on the 42 percent of online adults and 55 percent of online youth who want to engage with their favourite brands via social media.

Dynamic Content Publishing Services

For large–scale, outsourced communications involving complex data and many variables, our Dynamic Content Publishing service can prepare highly personalised, relevant messages that speak directly to your audience.

Using designs by our creative team, your communications will convert more prospects into clients. We can also provide relevant ongoing communications so you can retain those clients, and grow your relationships with them through appropriate cross–selling.


Communications and brand management is a significant challenge - especially for organisations managing multiple brands or locations, or where there is a need for people outside the traditional marketing team to be able to develop and execute campaigns or communications.

Coupled with Fuji Xerox Creative Services, either onsite or offsite, Fuji Xerox CampaignConnect allows your organisation to easily deliver marketing and other forms of communication - be they printed, online or both - in a user-friendly format. This means you can enable your business without compromising your brand or your time to market.

Our designers can assist you in building a range of communications, from one-off integrated campaigns with personalised landing pages, to templates for easy use and reuse with variable and personalised fields for text, logos and images. They can also track their reach and effectiveness, and provide regular updates on audience responses. Important data relevant to your audience can also be gathered for use in future communications.

Protect your brand

When multiple parties are handing the production and design of your print and digital documents, maintaining quality and brand guidelines can be a challenge. Fuji Xerox Global Services offers Creative Services for organisations who want the additional control and the visibility of having a dedicated team of designers on hand to manage preparation of your marketing documents.

You can track the costs of creation much more accurately by having one central agency to deal with, instead of commissioning agencies on an ad hoc basis for each project. Eliminating duplication, as well as cutting down on the number of inaccurate briefs can reduce costs, as well as being able to rely on a creative team that understands your goals.

For organisations who also require on-demand printing with the security of a dedicated resource, an onsite Print Room managed by Fuji Xerox allows you to access the latest in printing technologies and practices to ensure your printed documents are of the highest quality and maintain your brand's integrity.

Our Print Room specialists can also improve your turnaround speed and time to market with streamlined printing and finishing technology and workflows. And with the help of a document advisor, you can select the most appropriate document design, development and production techniques to meet your communications objectives and company goals.

Resonate with customers

The aim of a marketing campaign is to engage and resonate with customers, increasing the awareness of a particular product or service through active promotion. As a result, you'll want to ensure that when you're starting a campaign you're doing so with the right tools.

XMPie VDP Solutions, Dynamic Content Publishing Services and CampaignConnect can play a critical role here - and it's important not to overlook how they can be of use.

What's more, with the sheer number of channels continuing to expand, marketing campaigns that truly resonate need to be effective across all of these channels. Regardless of whether it's a print campaign being sent directly to customers, a social media campaign being run across Facebook and Twitter, or perhaps an online video campaign accessible online - tools from Fuji Xerox enable you to carry them out effectively.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with Fuji Xerox today if you're interested in finding out more about effective marketing and communications using our powerful suite of tools and services.

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