More Jobs, More Revenue

More Jobs, More Revenue

Print and marketing service providers face no shortage of challenges. Industry estimates show there will be continued pressure over the next five years. As print purchasers increasingly turn towards mobile and online communications methodologies, run lengths continue to decline and increased competition within the industry forms.

In addition, new media formats place increasing importance on building out a loyal customer base. With reducing run lengths, the need for efficiency in production also becomes even greater, as a way of ensuring businesses remain profitable.

Deadlines are also becoming tighter year after year, with customers demanding job completion in hours, not days. In fact, 15 percent of jobs were produced in a day or less in 2009, and this number is estimated to reach 20 percent by 2020.

So, how can you book more jobs, resulting in more revenue and increased customer loyalty, without sending your costs through the roof?

Connect with customers

Smart businesses know you need to go where your customers are. Now, this means online. In Australia alone, customers spend ever-increasing amounts of money on physical goods, thus making it important to grow your business by providing customers with a convenient way to order. Businesses need to meet their print requirements anytime, anywhere via an online web-to-print portal.

These portals make it easy to accept new jobs and reorders securely, as well as improve production schedules with automatic job ticketing. Customers can stay informed through email and online job status capabilities, leaving your staff free to pursue their core tasks - a substantial productivity boost.

You can also eliminate the need for estimating, because your customers receive pricing information online when they place orders.

XMPie Cross-Media Solutions

XMPie is a web to print solution that, when combined with the uStore add-on, enables customers to submit new jobs over the internet. XMPie modules provide opportunities for your customers to grow their businesses using 1:1 direct marketing techniques via print, web, email and more.

They can also place orders and personalise their marketing messages at any time to better target their customers.

Streamline production

There are a number of ways you can automate common tasks, reduce manual intervention and avoid burdening experienced pre-press staff with repetitive or monotonous tasks so they can focus on more profitable jobs.

Increasing production efficiency and accuracy will also help to reduce costs by saving time and labour, and stripping out waste. You will be able to accept more work as well as meet tighter deadlines.

FreeFlow Core

It's easy to effectively respond to customers with FreeFlow Core, as it brings together a comprehensive platform of products, partners, standards and services. Then, combine these innovative solutions to make your workflow better, faster and more intuitive.

This collection includes modules that simplify and automate your proofing and approvals processes, repetitive pre-press activities and job flow across multiple print queues.

Confident Colour

The Fuji Xerox Confident Colour program delivers industry-leading colour solutions, so you can focus on the challenge of developing your business into one that is stronger, more responsive, more flexible and more confident.

Drive efficiency

Businesses need to operate efficiently in order to keep costs in check and staff productive, but efficiency can be difficult for modern companies. With demanding customers and a need to focus on meeting deadlines, there's little time to improve efficiency.

By using online web-to-print portals, it's easy to save your staff valuable time. Instead of dealing with older systems, customers can access the information they require at any time.

Cross-media solutions also help to free up your staff by giving customers the ability to submit new jobs over the internet. Like web-to-print portals, this removes another dated manual process that does little but slow down the business.

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