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Intelligent cost management solutions

Organisations everywhere strive to do more with limited resources. Best practice techniques and processes for document management and production - including printing and workflow - can help drive cost savings, boost profits, and even make your business more competitive.

On average, research suggests the costs associated with documents in a business account for 6 percent of annual revenuesi. Yet 74 percent of organisationsii have not measured the financial cost of resources like paper or storage associated with their document workflows – not to mention all of the unseen costs to a business associated with poor process, duplication of effort or lost productive time. These hidden, and often unnecessary costs can go by unnoticed and unmanaged, impacting your business” profitability.

One approach that Fuji Xerox takes uses five key management pillars to drive greater flexibility, control and value to your organisation.

1. Plan, track, measure and allocate costs

A detailed knowledge of your current operations is a critical first step in improving your organisation. We can perform an assessment of your document output management, assets, infrastructure and workflows across your business, as well as assess your current costs, baseline spend and predict future cost increases.

Aside from visible costs such as print infrastructure, ink and toner, paper and power, the labour cost associated with maintaining your equipment as well as the cost implications of having a device offline is a factor many businesses overlook. Increasingly, organisations are entering into Managed Print Services (MPS) agreements to assist both in uncovering and controlling resident costs associated with printing in their business.By managing printer, copier and fax fleets, organisations have saved up to 30 percent of their printing costsiii.

The process of discovery and cost allocation forms the basis of intelligence to reduce cost, improve efficiency and determine where new techniques can be used to provide further improvements.

2. Reduce and recover costs

In years gone by, the costs of office printing were frequently borne by the IT department alone and reported as a consolidated cost of doing business, without the visibility of who was printing what.

Fuji Xerox products allow costs to be attributed to the relevant department, or a specific customer or job - critical for organisations with a need to on-charge costs to their end customer, like the legal, education or professional services field. Depending on the functionality required, Fuji Xerox Australia has a range of cost recovery solutions that can be tailored to meet the needs of your business.

With Fuji Xerox's intelligent cost management solutions, users authenticate at the device when collecting their print job, creating a trail of activity that allows you to disburse and control print costs at a user, department or cost centre level. The flexibility of the solutions also means that when the job is released, the device can either "count up" and tally costs for jobs along the way, or "count down" and only allow release of jobs that fall under pre-paid or pre-set amounts - perfect for environments such as schools, where different rules for students and teachers apply.

Applying business rules and routing to the behaviour of your print device can also achieve significant cost benefits. These could be as simple as defaulting your device to print double-sided, to as complex as programs which automatically analyse the type of document, its size and even time of day to automatically route it to the most appropriate printing device. One of Fuji Xerox's intelligent cost management solutions, Image Gateway for ApeosPort (IGA) allows you to set these rules easily and report on their effectiveness. It can also be integrated with an in-house print room to ensure that large documents are not being produced on smaller office devices which are not optimised for high-volume production.

3. Secure access and protect confidential documents

Whether it is commercially sensitive material or protecting the privacy of customers, keeping your organisation's data secure is imperative. Fuji Xerox's multifunction devices and document systems offer independently verified security features.

User authentication makes sure that prints containing confidential information will not just sit in the printer until collected: instead, they will only be released if the user can be authenticated. There are multiple options for user authentication, for example with PINs or username or smart cards. With smart card technology users are ready to release their print jobs as soon as their swipe their card. For devices that do not have an integrated print-release solution, users can print using the 'secure print' option. This function requires users to set a password on their file when printing, which is then used to release the document at the device.

Organisations need Enterprise Content Management (ECM) or Document Management systems to store, secure, retrieve, collaborate and share information. Since organisations have varying needs, Document Management Systems are designed specifically to address particular aspects of sorting and managing information. Today, customer challenges include:

  • Increasing demand for document storage
  • Difficulty in locating documentation
  • A need to secure data and documentation
  • A requirement for workflow process improvements

These challenges affect many types of organisations regardless of company size-it's down to the amount of data they need to process. Fuji Xerox's intelligent cost management solutions extends the standard MFD scanning functionality to deliver even greater capability. It can provide a direct link into Content Management systems. This promotes data integrity as well as document compliance and security.

Data on the hard drives of MFDs is secured by built-in disk encryption, and image overwrite can be used to wipe all traces of documents. Fuji Xerox also offers a range of cloud storage solutions like Working Folder that offer a high level of data security to protect your information from data breaches.

4. Mobilise workflows for greater flexibility and efficiency

Android and IOS smartphone and tablet operating systems offer your organisation the opportunity to benefit from mobile solutions like never before. Cloud-based document management solutions like DocuShare or Working Folder provide the ability to access and print documents from mobile devices anywhere, anytime.

Part of Fuji Xerox's Intelligent cost management solutions can include Mobile Print Solutions. This can provide applications for iOS, Android and Windows mobile phones and tablets, enabling you to print, scan, upload and share documents from your mobile devices, without returning to the office.

Using the latest mobile technology, Fuji Xerox's Mobile print solutions lets your mobile devices print and scan documents via QR codes and Near Field Connection (NFC) instantly, so you can keep moving.

Simply select your document and wave your NFC enabled mobile device across a supported Fuji Xerox MFD. Your document is immediately printed or scanned. Just tap and print, then go!

5. Reduce waste

Not only does Fuji Xerox work hard to run our business sustainably, we strive to create sustainable solutions for our customers. Our award winning technologies and products can help organisations shrink their environmental footprint, reduce waste and cut costs.

Research suggests that up to 20 percent of print outs are never collected, and up to 40 percent are disposed of less than 48 hours after being printed - while this figure is shocking, it also represents an opportunity to quickly reduce wastage with minimal business impact. Fuji Xerox's intelligent cost management solution doesn't just make your organisation more secure: it reduces waste.

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iiIDC workflow study, 2011.
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