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Securing Information

Every business understands the importance of confidential data. Now, imagine the consequences if your information were to fall into the wrong hands. A breach in document security could result in unauthorised disclosure of sensitive information and other unwanted outcomes.

This isn't to mention the average organisational cost of a data breach, which the Ponemon Institute estimates to be around $2 million in Australia. Couple this with the fact that 70 percent of companies reported accidental data breaches through printing, and it's easy to see why security is so important.

Nowadays, documents aren't solely hard copy, but are commonly electronic for easy collaboration and communication within the business and with customers. Since employees create, distribute and capture these electronic documents differently than paper alternatives, information is at high risk of theft or loss.

Companies must be prepared by securing the information and document management systems that contain their most valuable asset - knowledge.

How can you keep your documents secure as well as ensure compliance to internal and external regulatory requirements?

Control access

Limiting who has access to your print device infrastructure is a key way to ensure the security of documents that pass through it.

Requiring authentication directly at the device using a swipe card or access code is a common way of ensuring unauthorised users can't access your networked print device. PaperCut as well as numerous third-party authentication systems, can facilitate this functionality.

Fuji Xerox multifunction devices can also be configured to integrate with the corporate directory of a company, to control the destinations of scanned or faxed documents. This can play a key role in preventing data loss.

Secure the document

According to Pegasus Software, over 40 percent of office workers admit to picking up someone else's print-out by mistake.

Requiring authentication on the device itself using PaperCut or other print-release technology solutions means documents are not at risk of being collected from the device output tray - accidentally or intentionally - by another party. This means even the most sensitive information can be printed on a shared multifunction device without risk of the document falling into the wrong hands.

The secure print functionality embedded within Fuji Xerox multifunction devices allows users to set a password on their file at the time of printing, and use the password at the device to release it. This allows for excellent flexibility when it comes to print security.

Watermarks can also prevent unauthorised reproduction of sensitive material. You can set a watermark from the print driver settings to denote a confidential or internal-only document. In addition, the optional Secure Watermark Kit prevents copying, scanning or faxing of documents that have been watermarked on other similar devices.

What's more, using DocuShare as a document management system allows you to control access to your archived documents. You can set viewing, downloading and editing permissions, as well as keep a record of document history for audit purposes.

You can meet regulatory compliance requirements for record keeping without the burden of cabinets full of paper files, and in a much more secure manner.

Secure the device

When it comes to networked multifunction devices, vulnerabilities are often present solely because of the array of features: these devices can print, copy, scan to network destinations, send email attachments and handle incoming and outgoing fax transmissions. For those in IT, it's critical to the security of an organisation's network to make sure that security violations can't occur through network-connected devices - or on the devices themselves.

Fuji Xerox multifunction devices conform to the latest industry standards for network security, supporting IPSec to encrypt document content, SNMPv3 to securely transfer information to users and 802.1x to authenticate network devices before allowing document access.

The Data Security Kit, available with Fuji Xerox multifunction devices, gives administrators the option of encrypting, overwriting or deleting data from the device hard drive at any time, or at defined intervals to ensure confidential information cannot be accessed by hackers through the network or from the device itself.

Set rules

Print Navigator allows you to define rules around what kind of documents can be printed, by whom, when they can be printed, and on which device or devices.

This can help to minimise the risk of after-hours data theft from within an organisation by preventing printing after a certain time of day. If you've got staff working overtime, it's easy to adjust the permissions in order to allow for this.

Alternatively, this tool can ensure compliance to your organisation's sustainability policy by setting controls on print volumes at a user or departmental level. If a certain department ever needs to print at a higher volume, it's again easy to authorise, and you'll know exactly what's being printed.

Print Navigator is about efficiency, managing costs effectively and streamlining document processes within the business - without causing a high workload.

Monitor and audit

CentreWare Internet Services allows you to perform basic reporting on your print devices, whether it's in regards to printing, scanning or faxing history, so you can identify the source of a leak should one occur from within your organisation.

This can prove useful during a compliance audit, as the services already have an up-to-date record of all device usage, saving you the trouble of trawling through old information.

More sophisticated auditing of job history can be achieved when an authentication solution like PaperCut is enabled, so you can be sure your documents are not being compromised. Again, this is an extremely useful tool when security is concerned.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with Fuji Xerox Australia if you'd like to learn more about print security solutions - in order to make your company far more secure.

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