Imaging and Document Management

Imaging and document management solutions

As use of digital systems continues to climb, many businesses still have a substantial amount of knowledge tied up in documentation. However, this can pose a problem with trends such as mobile and flexible workplaces starting to proliferate. So what's the answer?

An intelligent solution is required that can capture, store and manage this information, while allowing users to access it from mobile devices and computers.

Challenges for businesses

Of course, businesses need the right system to capture information, and it should be able to handle documents in any format.

In many cases, companies that avoid such systems will have to deal with labour-intensive paper-based correspondence, which is often prone to errors.

This isn't the only issue, as using paper-based information means staff cannot access the data capture through computers or mobile devices, something that in turn means flexible work environments and mobility are impractical. Businesses can then struggle to service customers online, as necessary data isn't readily available.

Our Solution

When document management is a necessity, Fuji Xerox has the most capable solution, with a team that understands the importance of documents and the most effective ways to look after them through until archival.

Our document management approach means it's easy to store and manage entire libraries of invoices, applications forms, HR records and technical documents. In addition, it's also simple to share this information with relevant colleagues and archive it when it's no longer required.

Business Benefit

Aside from the ease of storing information, this solution from Fuji Xerox offers a number of other benefits, including:

  • Security: Documents can be secured either internally, at a state of the art processing centre or across both.
  • Flexibility: No two businesses are the same, and that's why flexibility is so important. With a system that can continually meet the exact requirements of the company, there's no need to move to a new one.
  • Improve customer satisfaction: It's easy to satisfy customers with this system, as it makes it simple to increase response rates to both client and supplier queries.

When quality assurance and profitability are of the utmost importance, businesses need to make sure that documents are easily accessible, and the correct information can be delivered wherever it's required.

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