Mail Room

Mail Room

The mail room is a mainstay of nearly every business, but it's also an area that's often overlooked when the company needs to improve efficiency and cut back on expenditure.

This shouldn't be the case, as businesses that routinely focus on mail room operations can often see noticeable productivity improvements. With mail rooms starting to see a resurgence thanks to the proliferation of online transactions, improving this area could help both the business as a whole and employee engagement.

Before putting new business solutions in place, however, it's a good idea to understand some of the key challenges in the mail room faced by many companies, and the most capable solutions and services.

Business Challenges

Improving mail room operations can be quite difficult for businesses, especially when recovering costs associated with mail and distribution services such as:

  • Faxing
  • Packaging
  • Couriers
  • Express postage

These are processes that take some time to complete, and can often be a drain for staff who have other work to focus on. However, employees aren't the only ones impacted by lacklustre mail room practices.

In some cases, these poor processes can have detrimental impacts on client and supplier communications. In a worst case scenario, this could result in loss of communication or products.

Of course, many businesses simply don't have the time to determine the best methods for distributing incoming mail, packing products or sending outgoing mail. What's more, this will often require expertise that's not readily available internally.

Our Solution

When businesses need to improve mail room practices, it's important to source a provider with experience. Fuji Xerox Australia has over 10 years' experience when it comes to measuring and analysing mail room activities and creating unique solutions.

As a result, the business can see improvements to mail room operations and a reduction in expenditure.

Business Benefit

Fuji Xerox starts by assessing the current mail room and finding ways to reduce and manage costs, as well as making recommendations on the best ways to get mail flowing smoothly.

This is accomplished through the use of leading technologies, with which our teams can find more efficient and faster ways to handle mail. In addition, specialised equipment helps to handle large volumes of mail and manage complex distribution processes.

Fuji Xerox also have onsite document advisors - specialists who can coordinate the deployment (as well as the management) of a capable and tailored mail solution.

While the mail room may appear to be an area of business that's immune to improvement, Fuji Xerox Australia can put capable solutions in place.

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