Managed Print Services

Your printer would like to tell you about Next Generation Managed Print Services

Your printer always wants what's best for you and your business. That's why it would like to tell you about Next Generation Managed Print Services, so you can utilise your information more effectively and print less and print for less.

Beyond reducing your number of print devices, Fuji Xerox finds ways to remove paper from your organization's processes, resulting in continuous value, and provides services according to the maturity of your office environment.

Next Generation MPS - 3 Stages

How Managed Print Services Work

When it comes to printing, most companies have five simple requirements:

  • Cost savings.
  • Sustainability - both environmentally and fiscally.
  • Printing from mobile devices.
  • Security, governance and compliance.
  • Automating paper-based processes.

Fuji Xerox will help you achieve these objectives:

Assess & Optimize

During print assessment and optimization, Fuji Xerox will provide an accurate baseline of your current spending, investigate your office and production environments and provide you with a holistic view of your printing needs. This accurate information will empower you to reduce costs by as much as 30% and support your sustainability goals.

  • Adopt the latest assessment tools to perform an accurate analysis of the current print environment.
  • Discover the total costs, usage status, power consumption and CO2 emissions.
  • Define a usage print policy and build and manage the ideal print environment.
  • Visualize total cost and usage improvements in the future state design.

Stage 1 Technologies

Secure & Integrate

Move from your current printing environment to your ideal future state with help from your printer. Fuji Xerox may use a phased approach to make the transition easier on you and the people in your office.

Everything will also be connected to your IT environment in a secure and compliant way, and solutions will be turned on for secure printing from mobile devices and managing your print servers and print queues.

  • Securely connect and integrate all existing devices into your existing IT infrastructure.
  • Provide solutions for mobile printing, security enhancement and print server management.
  • Define print rules and perform access management by linking with IT/authentication systems.

Stage 2 Technologies

Automate & Simplify

Sit back and relax while Fuji Xerox manages the day-to-day operations of your ideal print and document infrastructure. Through ongoing data collection, review and analysis, your productivity will continue to improve. Fuji Xerox can also help you automate paper-based processes with the goal of further enhancing productivity through reduced printing.

  • Identify wasteful and redundant work processes to implement workflow automation.
  • Allow digital documents generated from web, desktops, tablets and smartphones be easily retrieved, saved, shared, and converted.
  • Reduce time and cost for processing paper documents by improving productivity.

Stage 3 Technology

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