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Administration Solutions

Save money on admin to spend on student outcomes

Want to improve the efficiency of back office operations, do more with less, and free up time and money that could be used to focus on your students?

Fuji Xerox Australia has the know-how to help you streamline administrative, back-office and print processes that support the provision of education.

Fuji Xerox Australia can help you to:

  • Digitise records management processes and workflow
    Capture information quickly, streamline back-office processes, cut down on manual work, reduce the chance of errors and cut costs.
  • Digitise and archive student records
    Create a complete record of your school's academic achievements that is fast and easy to access, while freeing up valuable storage space.
  • Automate your accounts payable and receivable
    Specialised solutions for scanning and digitising suppliers' invoices cut down on manual paper handling - saving time and money.
  • Save money with the optimal print environment for your school
    As a leader in Print Rooms and Managed Print Services, Fuji Xerox can help you reduce costs, improve print quality and reliability, and boost sustainability at the same time.

Print Room Services - Reduce costs by relying on the experts

Print Room Services for K-12

Improve efficiency and reduce costs - let the experts look after your print room for you

"In the past we always outsourced the printing of our course guides and so on. Now we can do all that in-house, and more cost effectively and quickly."
Kerry Bolger Principal Cornish College, Melbourne VIC

Based at your school or off-site if required, your Fuji Xerox print room is a tailored service that considers staff, student and school printing requirements, to provide an appropriate, cost-effective and sustainable solution.

5 reasons to adopt a Fuji Xerox Print Room:

  1. Reduce costly print outsourcing and save money. Printing study materials, magazines, yearbooks, brochures and more at school can be far more cost effective - and a lot quicker - than using outside suppliers.
  2. Maximise the consistency of all your printed documents in design, colour and quality, with options for creating personalised communications
  3. Streamline your document production using the latest technologies
  4. Obtain complete accounting and administration records of all print
  5. Help to improve information and student privacy with all information contained in your own dedicated print facility.

Managed Print Services for K-12

Superior print cost control and reduction. Rely on Fuji Xerox to take the hassle out of looking after your school's printers and copiers.

"I don't think many schools would realise what the true costs of printing are. I calculate that our school is saving about $2,500 a month on our old printing system."
Phillip Carney, Network Administrator and IT Co-ordinator St Clare's High School, Taree NSW

Do you have the experience and knowledge to control your print costs? At Fuji Xerox Australia, we can help you to:

  • Gain full visibility of all printing costs.
    Fuji Xerox Managed Print Services provide an ongoing record of the history and performance of print carried out at your school, and compiling regular analysis to identify where further savings can be made. This allows you to introduce department-level print budgets, and provide heads of department with the information they need to control that aspect of their budget.
  • Improve print and copy cost recovery
    As part of your Managed Print Service solution, Fuji Xerox can help you implement "follow-you" tracking that can attribute prints and copies to students' accounts.
  • Save your staff time and headaches
    With your printer fleet remotely monitored and managed by Fuji Xerox, meter readings, toner checks and maintenance are taken care of, sparing time that could be better spent on other tasks.
  • Reduce print wastage
    Tracking print at the level of the individual student or department also helps make students and staff more conscious of how much they're printing, and helps reduce unnecessary printing and copying.

Other sustainability gains with Managed Print Services

  • Reduce energy consumption by reducing the number of printing devices in your school
  • Make recycling easy. Our cartridge recovery and end-of-life take-back programs keep waste out of landfill each year.
  • Measure and improve your environmental impact. We will analyse your environment and recommend changes to reduce your energy and paper use.
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