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Reduce costs and improve the experience

Why worry about things that are not your core business when you could be focussing on customers instead?

It's all possible with Fuji Xerox Australia.

Find out why many of Australia's leading banking institutions currently work in partnership with Fuji Xerox.

Our Banking and Financial Services Team can work with your organisation to implement efficient communication processes that help you reduce the cost to serve each customer and improve the customer experience at each stage of their banking and finance journey.

Improve your customer experience

To help you exceed customer service expectations during every step of the customer's journey - from awareness to retention, and winning any lost customers back again - our Banking and Financial Services team can help you assess and then digitalise your communication processes.

Find out how you can:

  • Utilise multiple, flexible channels of communication, based on the customer's channel of choice
  • Accelerate the customer on-boarding process by streamlining and digitalising workflow
  • Use virtual agents to fulfil customer demand for effective, immediate communication via a digital channel
  • Engage with customers through personalised, targeted marketing to meet acquisition and retention targets

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Reduce your cost to serve each customer

From front office processes to back office solutions, our Banking and Financial Services team can assist you in improving your business processes. We'll help you to optimise efficiency, reduce costs, and maximise the profitability and lifetime value of each customer.

Find out how you can:

  • Automate and digitalise business processes, such as customer on-boarding, to realise cost savings and increase efficiency
  • Combine print and consumable suppliers into one streamlined point of contact to deliver transparency, better cost management, simpler vendor management and the ability to monitor enterprise-wide spend
  • Streamline communication channels across the customer journey, allowing efficient communication without compromising on customer experience

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ANZ banks on a sustainable future


Before moving to new headquarters, ANZ's printer fleet required considerable time for ongoing maintenance and stock replenishment. Many of the devices were not used to their full capacity, yet when devices incurred issues, it cost ANZ employees in lost time and inconvenience, as well as creating bottlenecks at other operational printers.


  • ANZ implemented a fully managed fleet of multifunction devices, supported by onsite personnel who could maintain the devices and free-up employee time.
  • The fleet was supported by cost recovery software which offered ANZ full user level accounting and tracking of all print history, as well as greater document security.

Peter Sharpe, ANZ Bank's Manager of Sustainable Sourcing, described how the move to a managed print service provided the bank with greater resources. "The decision to move to a managed print service was made to free ANZ employees from having to maintain the devices themselves. It was really a case of improving the performance of the printer fleet to allow our people to focus on their primary duties."1

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1Fuji Xerox Case Study, 'ANZ Banks on a Sustainable Future'. 2009, pg2

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