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Education Solutions

Liberate teachers to teach and students to learn

Reduce the time teachers spend on administrative tasks and other activities that take them out of the classroom, by digitising documents and streamlining document management workflows.

Fuji Xerox Australia can help you to:

  • Create better teaching materials, faster
    Save teachers' time by making it easier to create printed study materials and digital content, with dynamic document composition through web portals.
  • Reduce admin time - increase teaching time
    Update student records instantly through smart web forms and digital data capture, which also reduce the paperwork burden for teachers.
  • Enable print for your BYOD strategy
    If your school has a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategy, Fuji Xerox can help you give students the capability to print from their own devices. Students can be allocated a set quota of prints and copies, with excess usage tracked and charged according to school policy.
  • Increase convenience for parents and teachers
    Automatically update your office systems with web forms to instantly track absences and maintain up-to-the-minute attendance and student records. The need for manual data entry is removed, and accurate record keeping is assured.
  • Make the most of valuable school space.
    With space at a premium in many fast-growing schools, Fuji Xerox can help you track student movements and use of school space through a software and sensor platform.
  • Deliver parent/student communications quickly and cost-effectively.
    Schools are constantly communicating with their students, parents and communities in a range of ways. Fuji Xerox can help you put in place solutions such as digital templates that make it quick and easy for staff to create consistent communications with minimal time, effort and cost - or you can leverage Fuji Xerox Creative Services design teams to do this for you.
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