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Benefits of PIaaS

One service, multiple benefits

PlaaS offers Eligible Customers a simpler, more efficient service where Fuji Xerox will assist you to ensure devices are maintained and effectively utilised.

Some of the key benefits of the SOA ICTSS14.04 are:

 All inclusive cost per copy, with no minimum monthly volume commitments

There's no need for your organisation to own equipment, and we may even buy-out your existing printing fleet

Provision of a comprehensive maintenance service for both new and existing equipment, including routine preventative maintenance

Provision of ongoing formal progress reports on projected versus actual savings, as well as reports on SLA's that may be specified

Training for end-users and technical staff so that they are familiar with printing and copying functionality

Staff are educated on the benefits of PIaaS through a "change management" program, along with their responsibilities as end-users

Help desk support covers all specified sites, handling the most common queries, complaints and incident resolutions; alongside change requests and information requests

Centralised billing system to automatically collect accurate data for all devices under our management. Billing for all devices is consolidated into one invoice

All of your data is protected, including configuring devices to limit their capability of distributing sensitive data

Latest technology controlling the ordered release of print jobs, ensuring printing remains confidential to the user and reduces documents being left uncollected at the printer

Environmental sustainability, including 100% recycled paper and components where possible.

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