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Making a long-term and measurable difference to Australia's adoption of e-Government

Forward-looking governments worldwide are undergoing major transformation as they move the business of government away from outmoded channels and make online the default channel. They are taking their lead from the huge digital leaps already being made in the business world, which has high levels of digitalisation already present in the daily routines of citizens, businesses and not-for-profits.

Australia's digital government agenda is accelerating in 2015. The goal: by 2017, all Federal Government services with more than 50,000 interactions a year will be moved online. At the Federal Government level, this has been boosted by the creation of a new Digital Transformation Office under the joint sponsorship of the Minister for Communications and the Prime Minister.

At Fuji Xerox, we believe that digital government is a positive move for Australia. It is good for 'good governance' and it is beneficial for the economy. It supports smaller and more transparent government, better constituent experience, greater service efficiency, and lower cost.

Through our leadership in digital government, Fuji Xerox Australia aspires to make a long-term and measurable difference to Australia's adoption of e-Government.

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The Digital Challenge

Moving government to digital is more than major; it is an enormous venture. Insights and forward-thinking about what makes for easy contact with government are needed. Fuji Xerox Australia is stepping up to stimulate and support the take-up of digital government across all layers of government.

Drawing on digital expertise from across banking and finance, retail and tertiary sectors and our government sector experience and understanding, we are sharing what is possible and demonstrating how to successfully navigate the digital transformation journey.

Thought Leadership

We are distilling insights about the design and digital delivery of government services from our market success, research centres and digital business across the globe. These include the latest digital research outcomes, case studies and tools for digital transformation. By sharing these insights with government through our blogs, white papers, roundtables and active social media channels, we support individual agencies and programs and the government as a whole to innovate, allowing everyone to successfully transition to digital more rapidly.

Supporting agencies to transform

Fuji Xerox Digital Government is helping government agencies design and implement agile digital strategies to rapidly set and pursue their vision: transforming old ways with new thinking. We have improved efficiency, lowered costs and reduced carbon footprints through our solutions portfolio and we continue to partner with government agencies to achieve their long-term strategic aims.

We are working with government to design creative user experiences, facilitate data sharing and demonstrate that a focus on good customer experience achieves savings much greater than if costs are the only focus. We are alsobuilding a strong team of partners, from large and SME corporations. A strong marriage between all sectors and across all three tiers of government will help digital government gain traction in Australia.

Our Services

Fuji Xerox Australia offers a comprehensive set of services and solutions which address the Digital Government agenda - digital strategy, creative customer-centric design, virtual customer assistance, identity management, cloud services and open data. Fuji Xerox is a member of government panels and multi-lists which provide multiple options for procurement.

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