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Enabling healthcare to deliver better patient outcomes.

Information is the lifeblood of modern healthcare. We can help you enhance the circulation of information to deliver greater operational efficiencies and better outcomes for patients.

At Fuji Xerox Australia, we are passionate about helping the health industry move to a seamless digital future.

We already work with 1000 of Australia's top healthcare organisations, and our footprint within health continues to grow. We can deliver real savings for the healthcare sector through our Managed Print Services and digital solutions. Our Smart Process Management applications help hospitals and healthcare providers transition to electronic and mobile healthcare.

We apply our deep healthcare and innovation expertise across the healthcare ecosystem including providers and payers, employers and government agencies.

We help these customers focus on delivering better, more accessible and more affordable healthcare, which leads to better health and wellness for their patients.

Understanding your Challenges

At Fuji Xerox, we understand the challenges our healthcare industry faces. These challenges include:

  • More people in the healthcare system.
  • More people suffering chronic and complex diseases.
  • An ageing population.
  • More expectations and higher demands.
  • Deeper complexity maintaining, preserving and lengthening life.
  • Increased costs and fewer healthcare practitioners.
  • A huge amount of complex data to understand, manage and maintain.
  • High volume of administrative tasks reducing patient-facing time.

The desired state for the health industry is:

  • Patient empowerment: patients will be empowered to engage in proactive healthcare. (Prevention rather than cure.)
  • A reduced reliance on pen, paper and human memory.
  • The patient will be at the centre of health professionals' care.
  • The patient will become the care 'integrator'.
  • Care will be moved closer to homes and the community.
  • Quicker diagnoses times.
  • The patient lifecycle won't end at the hospital (hospitals will focus on critical care) thereby relieving pressure on hospitals.
  • An increased volume of mobile health support services will relieve the burden on emergency health services.

How we can help

Fuji Xerox can help you reduce your day-to-day print costs by up to 30%.

Through managed print services, health organisations and hospitals can gain visibility and control of their print spend, helping them free-up budget to focus on key projects that can improve overall efficiency and accuracy. The costs of your document output can be as much as 6% of total annual revenue.

Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable: Fuji Xerox works with businesses to scan over a million invoices per year and then drop the data into accounts payable processes. This enables our customers to simply manage the exceptions rather than keying in all information, saving precious time.

Fuji Xerox provide market leading fax solutions as an embedded application. Our solutions eliminates stand alone fax machines and the inefficient handling of paper faxes.

Fuji Xerox remote image capture services supports health organisations with digitising any document-intensive process they would like to perform in their business.

Human Resources (HR) or Patient Records Digitisation (back scanning) and Records Management: Realise cost savings through digitisation of HR or patient records and electronic storage reducing filing cabinets, floor space and offsite storage. Fuji Xerox can undertake back scanning of paper records and set up workflows for moving forward with a digital infrastructure.

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