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We’ve got your customer relationships covered

7 of the world’s top 10 general and life insurers rely on our services

In Insurance today, the customer is the centre of everything. At Fuji Xerox Insurance Industry Services, we help you to build enduring relationships with customers through technology and processes that enable more highly targeted and effective communication, while ensuring compliance, reducing the cost of servicing customers and enhancing brand value. Click here to contact our Insurance Industry Services team

Implement change quickly in four key areas:

1. Marketing and Distribution

Treat every customer like a segment of one. Implement integrated, one–to–one multi–channel marketing campaigns that include digital media, introduce best practice and improve visibility and control.

2. Claims Processing Services

Cut claims leakage and processing costs while keeping customers happy. We can help you streamline claims ingestion and become more responsive to policyholders – while improving your claims ratio.

3. New Business Issuance

Acquire new customers faster and cheaper. Automate processes to minimise the cost of issuing new policies, enhance communication with new customers and bring them onboard sooner.

4. Corporate Services

Reduce back office costs and refocus on customers. Let us take non–core processes off your hands and run them for you – at a lower cost than doing it yourself.

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