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Marketing and Communication Solutions

Smarter communication at lower cost

Do you want open, effective and consistent communication between your school and its community?

Do you need to?

  • Attract and enrol more students
  • Raise revenue from additional sources, such as fundraising?
  • Make sure all communications support your school 'brand'?

Fuji Xerox is the partner you've been looking for. With the right combination of solutions and services, Fuji Xerox can help your school to communicate whatever it needs to, whenever it needs to, more personally, professionally and cost-effectively than ever before.

Our document advisory expertise will help you define a successful communications strategy at every stage of the student life cycle.

We also offer Creative Services with design studio teams who are versed in the communication needs of schools, and can help you write and design effective communications at very cost-effective rates.

Fuji Xerox Australia can help you to:

  • Personalise for greater impact
    Engage frequently and effectively with students, parents, alumni and your school community. Enhance fundraising initiatives and whole of school involvement with personalised communications that are timely and meaningful.
  • Give your fundraising drives a professional edge
    With the ability to create personalised appeals and communications, you have the potential to create much richer streams of fundraising revenue.
  • Create professional-standard communications in-house
    Give all of your school's communications a consistent look and feel. With pre-set template systems that can be easily used, your school can present itself professionally whilst also reducing costs.
  • Deepen parental and community involvement
    Critical for the success of school events and fundraising, parental involvement is also vital to a child's success at school.
  • Give your communications a digital edge
    Quickly and easily develop interactive, digital content that ties in to documents such as school prospectuses and magazines.
  • Engage with students at every stage of their journey
    Take advantage of solutions that allow you to retain engagement with students throughout their lifetimes, from prospective student to alumni.
  • Reduce the hassle with Fuji Xerox Creative Services
    Our experienced designers, writers and artists can service your communication needs at cost-effective rates.

    You have full control of the whole creative process, by dealing with one central point of contact, so time and effort aren't wasted. You can also track the costs of creation much more accurately compared to doing it yourself, or commissioning creative agencies on an ad hoc basis for every project.
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